7 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

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7 Super Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

Staying active throughout pregnancy is one of the best ways to keep physically and emotionally fit and to help you stay in touch with your changing body. Take the time to look after yourself now and you’ll be rewarded with benefits that you’ll enjoy today and long after baby is born.  Look for gyms, trainers and fitness studios that specialize in pre and post-natal exercise. We’ll be highlighting a few of our faves right here on the blog. Not a gym person? Get yourself a good pair of trainers, some comfy clothing and hit the pavement for a good walk. Here are seven top reasons to start exercising now.

Have more energy!

Carrying that extra load can sap your energy reserves. Just like your non-pregnant pals, a 10-minute head-clearing walk can get your heart pumping and your mind in focus.

Say NO to stretch marks by gaining less weight.

Slow and steady weight gain helps your skin ease into its new size, helping to protect skin against stretch marks. Light cardio 3-5 times a week will help keep your weight under control, despite giving in to the occasional craving. Ensure you’re extra protected with our Tummy Rub Oil and Tummy Rub Butter!

Easier labor and delivery.

Some studies suggest that exercise during pregnancy may result in a shorter labor and delivery. What’s more, women who exercise throughout pregnancy report lower perceived pain and exertion during labor. Prenatal Pilates? Yes, please!

Relieve stress.

You know that amazing runner’s high you used to get? You can STILL get it while pregnant! You might not be going as far, fast, or long, but you still get that mood-boosting rush of endorphins post-workout as well as all the stress relieving benefits of a good sweat session

Lighter and less swollen legs.

If you suffer from tired, heavy, swollen legs, a good workout will get your blood flowing and help your lymph system eliminate excess fluids. Try Mama Mio Lucky Legs to energise your legs pre-workout and help ease any soreness after. A gym bag must!

You’ll sleep better.

As your tummy and boobs grow, sleeping comfortably without waking can be a challenge. Pregnant women who exercise report sleeping more soundly and falling asleep faster than their sedentary counterpart.

Bounce back quicker after baby.

When you continue exercising throughout pregnancy, resuming your workout routine once baby arrives is less daunting. You’ll be in better shape and be able to cope more easily with the demands of being a new mama. Chances are you’ll already have a support network of new mums for prenatal yoga or walking in the park.

Most importantly listen to your body, and only exercise during pregnancy when your body is happy. Happy Mama = Happy Baby.

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