At Mio, we are true believers in the mind-body connection; the belief that thoughts and emotions (the mind) can directly affect your health (the body). The relationship between mind and body is especially important during pregnancy. Remember, you’re thinking positively for two now! Here is our super simple guide to mastering your own mind-body connection. Remember, happy mama = happy baby.

Chill Out

Too much stress during pregnancy sends messages via your hormones to your baby. When you’re feeling extra-frazzled, it’s like saying, “We’re freaking out!” when what you really want to say is, “We are totally OK and calm and happy.” Some studies indicate that too much stress during pregnancy can affect your baby’s long term growth, health and disposition (is he fussy or mellow?). We don’t say that (or anything ever) to scare you, but rather to inform and encourage you that you absolutely can do your very best to think positively, soothe your emotions and send happy vibes to your baby-to-be for a calmer pregnancy, easier labour and a more chill child. Read on to learn how.


It’s important to move your body during pregnancy for so many reasons. Whether you can still work up a good sweat or are into restorative yoga (um, it’s AMAZING), you will reap the benefits of being as physical as you are able. From taking the time for yourself to the stress-relieving benefits of all forms of exercise, we encourage you to get a move on each and every day to nurture your very own mind-body. Not sure which forms of exercise are right for you? We’ll be covering loads here on the blog, but you can always ask your doctor or midwife if you’re unsure what’s best.

Meditate and be Mindful

If you are rolling your eyes at this one, we feel you. We are busy, type-A, don’t want to stop to do nothing people, too. However, meditating is hands down one of the best ways we know to quiet our over-busy minds, de-stress and just BE. Your life is about to change in almost every way so savour this very moment you are in right now. Honour your pregnancy, your amazing changing body and your super-power as a woman to create life.


Pretty much everything that comes along with pregnancy and parenting will be brand new. Take comfort in the fact that you were literally born to do this. Find a doctor or midwife you like and spend time asking all your questions. This writer kept a journal to bring along to my appointments so I wouldn’t forget what was on my mind (Pregnancy brain is a real thing.). Seek out advice and community from other mamas-to-be and new mamas. They will completely understand what you’re going through. A word of caution. Consider your mind-body balance when choosing your mommy friends.  Maybe say no to your nervous cousin but yes to a post-class green juice with your new favourite yoga teacher.

Treat Yourself

Be selfish! You’re growing a human inside of you, so it’s OK to indulge in a little me time now and again – no one will blame you for it! In fact, why not treat yourself everyday! With Mama Mio, you can! Many people don’t warm pregnancy ladies about the strain your legs come under – so why not try our Lucky Legs invigorating serum at the end of a hard day! Massage it (Or even better get someone else to massage it) into your lower legs for instant relief! As soon as you step through the door, you’ll be able to de-stress in a matter of minutes!

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Happy mama and bump

And remember… Happy mama = Happy baby


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