Skincare is important for us at any time of life, but during pregnancy it becomes more of a concern. It may be the least of your worries, but your skin is stretching, changing and shrinking throughout pregnancy and after the baby is born. Your skin needs to be nourished and looked after to soothe any discomfort or itching and prevent or minimise any stretch marks or scarring. Mama Mio products have an excellent reputation for packing a real moisturising punch, and being a “pleasure to apply daily”- so it’ll be less of a chore and more like one of life’s little luxuries.

The pregnancy experts at Mama Mio have only great things to say about our range of products specially designed and developed for our mama mio mums and mama mio mums-to-be, but understand how overwhelming it can be choosing the right products for you and your bump. You need to choose effective products, full of nourishing and gentle ingredients –and not too scented, we know how those pregnancy noses can be!

The beautiful Ana from revealed her love for our Megamama Super-Rich Omega Body Body Lotion. Described by one committed mama as “a bottle of luxury for the skin”, this product is a perfect daily all over body moisturiser for those with a sensitive sense of smell, praised by users as having a “light and fresh scent, prefect for this delicate time” plus Ana noticed it’s anti-itching benefits too!

Ana also tried our Tummy Rub Butter and completed the mio trio with our Liquid Yoga Space Spray. She loved the relaxing blend of lemon, chamomile, lavadin and mint – read it for yourself on her blog


The Tummy Rub Oil is filled with an omega-packed blend of organic oils which is super-elasticising and helps your body to bounce back after pregnancy. Described by mama mio mama’s as being an “instant skin soother”, relieving itching especially in the third trimester and having ingredients that are “wonderfully skin-loving” –and safe during and after might we add!

The Tummy Rub Butter is another one of our best sellers and full of hard-working ingredients- like hydrating Shea butter. Again, designed to increase elasticity mama mio mama’s have found it to “work wonders”, “rubbing in a dream”, “perfect for night time” and smelling “divine” and “ah-may-zing”, keeping “skin soft and happy”- your words not ours! Our mamas love it so much; many of them are continuing to use it post-pregnancy. And if you need more convincing, just log onto our website here and have a read through the product reviews.

The Lucky Legs Energising Leg gel, also referred to “A Saviour” by our mamas, offers what has been described as “instantaneous relief”. One of our mamas has described the Lucky Legs Energising Gel as being extremely easy, quick and mess-free to apply, thanks to the pump- also on the Tummy Rub Oil.

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