What to expect when you’re expecting a Sagittarius baby!

Firstly, congratulations!!! What an amazing time this must be for you! If you’re expecting your gorgeous baby to arrive before December 21st, then you may be bringing an independent and lucky little one into the world!

Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and explorer, so prepare for a mini Christopher Columbus on your hands! Fill the toy box with pirate ships and telescopes because according to astrological predictions, your baby will thrive on possibilities and adventure! Having the freedom to explore and experiment is extremely important for a Sagittarius baby, as it hugely influences their decisions.

A Sagittarius baby will not be short of friends with their lovely nature! Their kind hearted spirit will make sure that their friends are happy and entertained. Their laid back lifestyle and nature may be annoying to those who enjoy structure and organisation, but a Sagittarius baby won’t let that bother them (in fact nothing much does!)

When you ask them “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, they are more than likely to answer with ‘A comedian Mummy’ or ‘An explorer Daddy’ rather than a savvy business extraordinaire! Their creative minds are put to best use when they are free! However it has been said that a Sagittarius baby performs well under pressure, because no matter the severity of a situation they will stay calm and collected!

Apparently, good luck follows them like a bad smell. Their optimism and curiosity will allow them to achieve and create unimaginable opportunities! However, if they are working on a project that takes too long it will often go unfinished. This isn’t because of laziness, it’s because of frustration which is something that Sagittarius babies do not like! They don’t like to dwell on things that aren’t going to work out, so instead they will find something new and exciting!

Prepare to be entertained because it has been said that a Sagittarius’ greatest fear is boredom! If there’s nothing to do, they’ll make something to do! Their vivid and wild imagination will create lots of games for all of you to enjoy!

So get ready for the ride of your life, because your Sagittarius baby will be a bundle of joy – LITERALLY!

Writer and expert