Horoscopes: What Are The Traits Of Your Libra Baby?

Your Libra baby is affectionate, entertaining and loving. Libras love to socialise with friends and family from a young age and your baby will definitely grow up to be a people person and a little charmer. Little Libras are gentle, kind and love to share so arrange as many play dates as possible and appreciate their warm and sweet nature. Their quick, sharp wit and charming personality means that they’re a social butterfly and will easily make friends.

Your baby’s mellow and relaxed disposition means that they don’t really like making decisions; they are far more likely to just go with the flow. Although their easy going nature is definitely a positive personality trait, make sure to encourage your little one to start making their own decisions to progress their learning and personality. Born under the sign of the scales, Libra’s are known for weighing all options. Therefore be careful not to push them too hard, your Libra baby doesn’t like feeling pressured into making a choice too quickly. That being said your little one is intelligent and a problem solver. Libras love to find solutions, especially to other people problems as they aim to make sure everyone as happy and relaxed as they are.

Despite being relaxed, like all of us sometimes your Libra baby has too much and begins to fuss.  To soothe them turn on some music and have a sing and dance along. Libras tend to feel music more than others, so if you find a genre your baby seems to gravitate toward play it for them often.

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