Meet the mama mio Team

Ever wondered who the faces behind the wonderful world of mama mio are? Well say hello to the lovely ladies who are taking mama mio international!

We all entered the business with different levels of experience and skincare expertise, but together our mission is to take mama mio to new heights! So go on, step into our world for 5 minutes.

Head Of E-Commerce 


Pictured here with her little sister, Amy is our Head of E-commerce! With a team of 5 to manage that is growing by the week, she oversees everything to do with our websites and our international expansion!

Amy’s Fun Facts
  1. She can speak FIVE languages (English, German, Russian, Italian and French)
  2. She once ended up behind the DJ decks with a Radio 1 presenter whilst dressed as a old woman
  3. Amy has an irrational phobia of pigeons (ornithophobia) – we often have to stop her running into traffic or water fountains when we’re out and about in London!

New Product Development Manager


Caroline, our New Product Development Manager, clearly developed a sense of style from a young age! After joining the team this year, she already has so many ideas for new products that we’re sure you’re all going to love!

Caroline’s Fun Facts
  1. She’s never played monopoly (anyone want a game?)
  2. At aged 9, she had to learn to walk again after contracting a rare virus (now she can’t stop running… everywhere!)
  3. Her dream holiday is to take a motorbike trip around Europe and is a step closer after taking her CBT test last year!

Head Of Asia Marketing


Say hello to Sharon, our Head of Marketing for Asia! Her baby picture was taken on the 100th day after her birth, which is a huge celebration in China (although she doesn’t look quite so amused!) Not only is she the go-to girl for all things Asia, she also runs our Weibo account!

Sharon’s Fun Facts
  1. Sharon was born in a relatively small city for China (only 3 million other people live there…) that is north of Beijing
  2. She’s a pro at playing a traditional Chinese instrument, much similar to a violin, after perfecting her skills for 10 years!
  3. Not only has she lived in the UK and China, Sharon has also lived in Sri Lanka and the Philippines

Retail Sales Manager


Tracy is our Retail Sales Manager based in London! You’d most likely see her in and out of our retailers including Space NK, Marks and Spencer or John Lewis and she runs lots of our in store events. Crazy from a younger age, you’ll be glad to know that she can now put her shoes on the right feet… just!

Tracy’s Fun Facts
  1. She’s been on the highest water slide in South Africa which was a sheer drop and spent 30 minutes after trying to reclaim back her swimwear
  2. She likes to call herself the Cat Crusader and Dog Whisperer’s apprentice as she has been known to chase dogs around the streets of London for hours if they’re lost and look lonely
  3. As a self confessed beauty product obsessive, there isn’t a day when Tracy doesn’t try to sell us the latest beauty trend or treatment

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