How to Check your Breasts

checking your breasts

How to Check Your Breasts

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so now is the perfect time to talk about checking your breasts. When you’re a busy Mama, or a busy mama-to-be sometimes those little moments of self care can get neglected. Maybe it’s the weekly watching of your favourite Monday night TV series, something as simple as washing your hair as often as you’d like or taking the time to go get your nails done. Not ideal we all deserve some me-time, but sometimes it can’t be helped. However what shouldn’t be neglected are your breasts! This October at Mama Mio we are getting on board with Breast Cancer Awareness month, starting with spreading the word about the importance of checking your breasts.

Although it’s not often talked about breast cancer in pregnancy does occur in 1 in 3000 women. During pregnancy hormones sky rocket causing denser breast tissue therefore making it more difficult for women to find the threatening changes. Women are far more likely to think an unusual lump is due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or breastfeeding, therefore dismissing it. We are not here to scaremonger in any way, however it is always important to check your breasts and speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Following recommendations from and NHS guidelines we’re giving you five steps for a quick, easy and hassle-free self–examination on how to check your breasts. Once you’ve got these five steps down, it’s easy to incorporate it into your regular routine, and could help save your life.

Step One

Start by looking at your breasts in a mirror with your hands on your hips and your shoulders straight. Initially you need to look to see if there are any obvious changes from what your breasts usually look like. Are there any differences in shape, size or colour? Look for any visible distortion or swelling.

Step Two

Next you need to raise both arms, still looking in the mirror and look for any of the same changes as in step one.

Step Three

Whilst looking in mirror look for any signs of unusual fluid coming out of one or both nipples such as a watery, milky or yellow fluid or blood.

Step Four

Next lie down and begin to feel for any unusual lumps or textures. Move your hand in a circular motion using the pads of your fingers whilst keeping the fingers flat and together with a firm and smooth touch, making your way to cover the entire breast from top to bottom as well as side to side. You need to be reaching all the way from your collarbone to the top of your abdomen as well as from your armpit to your cleavage, using varying pressure to check all breast tissue. There’s a few ways to make sure you cover the whole breast but we recommend moving your fingers up and down vertically in rows, as if you were moving a lawn!

Step Five

Finally you should check your breasts when standing or sitting. Easy to slot into your weekly routine a lot of ladies like to do this step in the shower as it’s so much easier with wet and slippery skin. Alternatively you could use our Limited Edition Pregnancy Boob Tube, supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month*, to make your skin smooth and slippery therefore easier to check for irregularities, plus this step adds a little bit of luxury pamper-time to benefit your skin as well as your well being. Use the same hand movements as in step four and feel for any irregularities.

check your breasts

*Every year Mama Mio donates £10,000 every year to international cancer support charity Look Good Feel Better.



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