mamas Night In: The Ultimate Pamper Night

For all you first time mamas life is about to change, big time. All of a sudden you’ll have a little baby in tow and those weekly trips to your fave cocktail bar, marathon shopping trips and spontaneous girly weekends just won’t be as easy as they used to. Now let’s be clear we’re not saying you’ll have to hang up your dancing shoes for good, nor is you social life over – rest assured mamas still know how to let loose. However things will get a little more difficult to organise, especially if all your friends are now becoming mamas too. Babysitting has to be organised in advanced, schedules have to be coordinated and more often than not when you do meet up you’ll just want to gush about your new little miracles endlessly.

Now is the time to have a girly night in, baby free, pamper yourself and make it all about you…

Staying In Is The New Going Out

You may be new-born free but you are still pregnant and standing up for hours at a busy bar is feet numbingly difficult even when there isn’t a human being growing inside you. Plus trying to catch up with the girls whilst shouting over booming music gets old pretty quick. The cinema is always an option but a.) it’s not really acceptable to wear your PJ’s in public (even if it is fancy ‘lounge-wear’) and b.) getting up to go to the loo every 5 minutes is annoying for you, your bladder and (possibly) everybody else.

For us, a night in is the new going out. Stock up on your favourite snacks, binge watch cheesy 90’s movies and wear your PJ’s to your heart’s content.

Show Your Feet Some Love

Here at mama mio we’re all about a pamper night in and the easiest way to do that whilst catching up with friends? A super easy at home pedicure. Start by filling a large bowl or bucket with warm water and pour a little of the mio Liquid Yoga Bath Soak in. This bath soak contains epsom salts which are both detoxifying and soothing with a relaxing lavender and mint scent that helps you find instant zen. Then pop on some mama mio Lucky Legs for the ultimate relief, this cooling gel eases and revives weary legs in a flash. Next paint those toes, if you’re super pregnant this is where you may need a friend to step in and help out!

Feel Fancy

OK, so  a night in is amazing but your usual catch ups contain at least a cocktail or two and a cuppa just isn’t quite cutting it? Often the most luxurious part of the cocktail is the fancy glass and a little bit of garnish. Stock up on some fabulous martini glasses, make yourself a mocktail and top with some freshly sliced fruit and a cute stirrer. Mocktail recipes are easy to come across (see some of our faves here) and they taste so good you’ll (almost) forget they aren’t alcoholic!

Indulge A Little

Order in your every one your fave meals from your favourite takeaway, light your most luxurious candles and indulge in whatever takes your fancy. Eating healthy and looking after yourself during pregnancy is super important, however one night in with a over indulging in (pregnancy safe) foods won’t do you any harm. We live by the rule of ‘treat yourself’ and a night in with your closest friends is always the time to do so.


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