New Year, New mama: Wellbeing

The New Year is here and as a new mama to-be pregnancy can be overwhelming, both physically and mentally. It’s super important to look after your own wellbeing during your pregnancy- happy mama= happy baby! Here’s a few of our top tips on how to keep both your mind and body happy and healthy.

Venture Outwards

We love a good Netflix binging session as much as the next girl, but the constant influx of screens in our daily lives, social media’s overwhelming presence and spare time spent frantically googling birth horror stories can put strain on your mental wellbeing.  Put down the remote, pop on your shoes and take a trip to the great outdoors! Fresh air and a little exercise can do wonders to help clear your mind.

Get Moving

Pregnancy can be exhausting and more than often all you want to do is sit down, rest your weary feet and relax- which of course we recommend! However it’s also equally beneficial to do a little exercise, keep your muscles strong and your joints supple. Not only that, the endorphins you get from exercising will help you relax your mood and calm your mind. Take a look at our 7 day yoga challenge for a little #mamamovement inspiration.

Have A Little mama Time

Make it a resolution to take a little time just for you every single day. Whether that be half an hour painting your nails, popping a face mask on in the evening, or making sure to read a chapter of your favourite book every evening, it’s always important to spend a little time just on you. When baby arrives those chances are going to get less and less frequent so take the time whilst you’ve got the chance and make it all about you.

Good Vibes Only

Think positive and stay optimistic. Pregnancy is rarely easy- you’re growing a mini-miracle it’s not going to be. What is easy is getting caught up in negative and sometimes scary thoughts. Try to think positive, don’t feel guilty when you do something just for you and focus on the fact that soon enough your baby will be here- the ultimate silver lining!

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