Meet the Mamas

Meet the Mamas: Harriet aka A Rush of Love

We chat with Harriet, the blogger behind A Rush of Love about pregnancy, her favourite mama mio product and her top tip for new mamas-to-be.

For those of us new to you, describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m an outgoing, friendly mum who is forever winging it in motherhood.

What’s a  typical day in your life?

I work 40 hours per week in a school (term-time only) so week days are pretty hectic. It’s usually a case of dropping Ava off at her grandparents before she goes to School as I have to be at work by 8.15am. Evenings consist of a dinner, bath & bedtime routine for Ava and then I’ll get time to myself to have a long soak, blog or catch up on a programme with my husband. Weekends are a lot more laid back with regular trips to the library and for walks. Ava and I also love to bake together and have to stop ourselves from eating all of the cake straight away!

What are your favourite and least favourite parts about being pregnant?

My favourite part is definitely the trimester I’m in now, the second trimester. I can feel the baby moving a lot, I have a very active baby! And it’s just so lovely! My least favourite pack is the sickness & nausea that I had during the first trimester, and the pregnancy acne which is still ongoing! Not much fun!

Are you nervous about introducing the new baby to your little girl Ava?

Ava will be a month off being 5 when the baby arrives and she’s extremely excited about being a big sister which has made it a lot easier for me & my husband. She’s at a lovely age where I know she’ll be very keen to help, so I don’t feel nervous.

What’s your favourite mama mio product?

My favourite product has to be the Gorgeous Glow face wash. I was hooked on the scent of lavender even before I started to use it. It’s one that I’ve re-purchased as I just love it so much. It’s helped reduce the redness of my pregnancy acne and had definitely soothed my skin.

If you could pass on one piece of advice to new-mamas what would it be?

The newborn days go by so quickly, it’s so important to realise that it won’t last forever. When Ava was born it was definitely a shock to the system and I felt as though I spent the first few weeks like a rabbit stuck in the headlights, it gets easier. Surround yourself with support and if you’re not sure, ask. My local midwife centre were fantastic and were always at the end of the phone. Try and make some time for yourself too, even if it’s to just have a bath or paint your nails. A little bit of “you-time” can sometimes be just the thing!


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