Meet the Mamas

Met the Mamas – Sally Wright

This week as part of our everyday miracles series we are focussing on second time mamas and the different set of challenges they go through with their second baby!

At the time of writing this post, Sally from Hello Little Lovely was 35 weeks pregnant and took the time to share her thoughts on what she’s looking forward to and worried about as a second time mum!

meet the mamas - Sally Wright


Most mums will agree that being pregnant and having a young child to care for at the same time is difficult!

Gone are the first pregnancy days when you could head off to bed for the day, soak in the bath for hours and focus on your own eating habits;

When there’s a little person in tow you still have to get up as early as they do to watch cartoons and play, fit naps in with theirs and make sure they are fed and watered whether or not the dreaded morning sickness has kicked in!

meet the mamas - Sally Wright

As much as partners and family members will chip in with childcare and help around the house, as a mum your priority is not yourself.

Although you feel that strong equal responsibility to take care of the little life growing away inside you, another small person is also relying on you; and it is hard work!

As I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, at 35 weeks, for me it has definitely been true.

Along with the physical efforts of carrying a heavy bump around whilst shopping, playing trains and walking to the playground there have been all the emotional aspects that go alongside going from one to two children like worrying about whether they’ll get along, how long it’ll take me to recover from the birth, how we’ll manage two children, spend enough time together… etc etc etc!

Emotions tend to kick in at the thought that our little boy will not be our only child anymore. As a family our whole dynamic is preparing to shift with two children to care for equally.

meet the mamas - Sally Wright

However although its been a new and sometimes painful journey there is so much joy in becoming a mum for the second time. Having another child who is so excited to meet his sibling, seeing the affection he already shows, kissing the bump and feeling those kicks with amazement, the excitement you feel as parents remembering the newborn days, that new baby smell…

Ten tiny fingers and toes!

It’s an amazing experience, not better, just different in so many ways to a first pregnancy. I can’t wait to introduce our son to his new baby brother, to let him hold him, for their little hands to join together. I’m looking forward to having a newborn again, the special bond you feel at being completely relied upon as a mother, seeing my husband with our two boys and watching our son’s characters develop day by day.

Having already gone through birth once, having already earned the title of “mum”, I know I can do this again and I feel stronger to face the days ahead. On difficult days I feel slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of having to share myself between two children but its comforting remembering that I had similar doubts about becoming a mum in the first place, and got through it!

I’m sure many mums out there are anxious, as I was, about becoming pregnant again after their first and there’s plenty of reasons why it’s hard but even more why it’s wonderful, incredible and joyful. No two births are the same and thank goodness!

The happy days outweigh the hardest and most mums will agree that the sacrifice of difficult pregnancy is worth the privilege of carrying a new life and having another little one to cherish. Some days it seems like the end will never be in sight, with sleepless nights, swollen feet and overwhelming exhaustion, you have to keep telling yourself  “I can do this!”…Because you really can!

meet the mamas - Sally Wright

To the mums out there taking care of their little ones whilst already carrying their bumps… look after yourself!

– Ask someone to babysit while you have a relaxing bath;

– While your toddle is playing, leave the ironing and give your bump some TLC with a special tummy butter.

– Treat yourself when you can.

– Don’t expect to have it all together and most of all remember to cherish the precious moments,  the ones with your child and the ones as a pregnant mama.

As we all know, they go by far too quickly.

If you are interested in baking, home styling, little ones and crafts then you are likely to love Sally’s blog. Find it here!

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