The Food Fix – Pregnancy Food Alternatives

It’s normal to crave unusual food while pregnant – in fact it’s one of the many mysteries of the nine-month stretch. From pickled onions to ice lollies, we’ve heard it all but what happens when you crave foods that you’re advised not to eat during pregnancy?

Craving salmon sushi or caffeine? No worries, we’ve got some pregnancy safe alternatives for you to enjoy for the next 9 months.


Eating pate during pregnancy is often not recommended as it can often contain a high amount of listeria bacteria. This bacteria may result in a type of with food poisoning which is associated with miscarriage or loss of your baby at birth. Do you know that even vegetarian pate has been found to have traces of this listeria bacteria? While the chances of contracting this type of food poisoning are low, it’s better to steer clear of pate to stay on the safe side.

If you are seriously craving pate then why not smother your bread in some other delicious alternatives? Eggplant dip (also known as baba ghanouj) has a really lovely smokey flavour or home made french onion dip with bacon bits mixed in gives you that strong, creamy flavour without the bacteria!


Although some fish are a no-go while pregnant, most white fish are generally safe to eat during your nine-month stretch! Cod, haddock, white bait or plaice are all a fabulous source of nutrients for both you and your beautiful baby! Unfortunately smoked fish also has been found to have traces of listeria too so it’s best to steer clear from that as well. However the good news is that cooked prawns, lobsters, clams and mussels are all okay to eat as long as they are cooked properly. Seafood linguine anyone?


It’s recommended that you limit your caffeine intake during pregnancy as excess caffeine consumption may lower the birth weight of your baby. Whilst a lot of die hard coffee fans actually say that they can’t stomach coffee during pregnancy, others still crave their morning brew.

If it’s a caffeine hit that you’re after then why not try green tea which gives you a little boost but without as much caffeine. If you prefer something creamier then a matcha green tea or a chai latte are also delicious options. If it’s the coffee flavour you’re after then why not try a de-caffeinated coffee or a coffee flavoured syrup which has no caffeine at all?


Whilst raw salmon and tuna rolls are extremely delicious, the safest way to enjoy sushi while pregnant is to choose the vegetarian or cooked meat options such as chicken teriyaki or beef. We highly recommend a California roll, packed with creamy avocado and or even a teriyaki chicken and cucumber maki for that same great texture without the risk. There are also some other great alternatives to sushi on Japanese menus such as soba noodle soups and tempura prawns. Why not use this as an opportunity to try something new?

Keep it healthy

Most importantly, be sure you maintain a well balanced diet throughout your pregnancy!

Now more than ever, it’s important you take note of the advice your doctors give you so you and your baby stay happy and healthy! Don’t forget that if you have any questions about your diet that you should consult your doctor

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