‘Mama You’ve Got This’ Sneak Peeks: How to involve your partner in pregnancy

We’ve worked with dermatologist and mama, Melissa Schweiger Kleinman, to create a comprehensive e-book that answers all your bump-related questions. From sex to nutrition, it’s a no-frills, honest and relatable guide to everything pregnancy!

Chapter seven tackles relationships. As soon as you’ve taken the test and when you announce you’re expecting, friends and family can treat you differently, or you might feel differently about them… either way, things are bound to change and it can be a little tricky navigating this new dynamic.

How to involve your partner in the pregnancy

This baby didn’t end up in your belly without a little help from your baby-making partner, however it can feel like this whole pregnancy thing is a one-person job. After all, it’s you making important sacrifices every day (oh sushi, how you are missed!) and the one whose body is undergoing some massive changes.

If your partner is feeling a little left out, talk to him about it and make some effort to get him more involved. Here are some ideas that that will make him feel more like a daddy-to-be and less like a bump bodyguard.

Top tips:

  • Write letters to your new baby. You can each pen notes, separately or together, to the new little life you’re about to bring into this world. You can be as mushy or as silly as you want. It’s up to you if you’re actually going to show them to your child one day!
  • Let him feel your baby’s movements. Have him put his hands on your belly during a time when baby is having a dance party in there.
  • Enlist him to get healthy too. It might be too much to ask him to cut out his daily coffee (we don’t want to torture the poor guy), but having him cut down on alcohol and quit smoking (a big no-no around babies and pregnant mamas anyway) is a very good and reasonable thing.
  • This may seem obvious, but bring your partner to all of your doctor’s appointments. Hearing the baby’s first heartbeat and seeing the little bean on the ultrasound screen is enough to turn most dads-to-be into a pile of mush. Bring the tissues!
  • Assign him to be your snack craving finder. My husband took great pride in seeking out my requests for strange snack cravings, some of them at odd hours of the night. I had a craving for frozen yogurt one evening at around 9pm… My husband got this wild look in his eye, grabbed his coat and keys and yelled: ‘Challenge accepted!’ before bolting out the door. About 20 minutes later he returned with a huge fro-yo covered in all my favourite toppings.

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