Improve Your Posture and Ease Pregnancy Pain

Posture is a huge factor of helping ease any back pain, and anyone who’s had a baby knows how unbearable the back pains can get. So, try out these tips and tricks to help improve your posture and ease pregnancy pain.

Sit up straight. It’s simple. You’ve all heard the old ‘books on your head trick’ but it really does work. Sit and stand as though you’ve got a pile of books balancing on top of your head and you can’t let them fall. This straightens your spine and strengthens your neck and as an outcome gives your baby much more room and makes you much more comfortable!

If you work in an office, get a back support for your chair, unless it’s a chair purposely made to support your back. They’re inexpensive and will make a huge difference to your posture. Just don’t let anyone steal it!

Sleeping on your back is another way to help straighten and strengthen your spine. And will also help ease headaches or neck tension. Invest in a good, firm mattress and try to only sleep with one pillow. If you do lie on your side, put a pillow between your knees to help keep your spine aligned.

Stretch. Every morning and every night (if you remember!). Nothing too strenuous just a few easy stretches to help loosen your body before you start your day and  before you go to bed.

Lastly, but certainly not least, you can really improve your posture by avoiding lifting heavy objects. It sounds obvious but it really will make a difference, and we all think we’re superhuman now and again but it’s okay to say no. Throughout your entire pregnancy really be careful with how much strain you put your body through – it’s already going through enough carrying your little one!

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