My IVF Journey To Motherhood: Katy Jenkins

We spoke to Katy Jenkins from @ivf_got_this_UK about her IVF journey to motherhood and the struggles she faced whilst trying to conceive her baby boy.

*Disclaimer: Mama Mio wants you to be aware that this article includes topics around miscarriage and IVF, and therefore it may be triggering for some.

First Of All As This Is International Woman’s Day…

I would like to dedicate this post to my amazing Mum who recently lost her battle to cancer. She had me through IVF, so she is a warrior herself and knew exactly what I was going through. She was my biggest support and will be missed forever.

My Name Is Katy, I Am 29 years old And I Live In Devon With My Dog Stan And Husband Tom…

Our trying to conceive journey started back in 2015, when we got pregnant naturally after deciding to see how it goes as we had been together two years and were due to get married soon. We were over the moon, we had the future planned and brought our wedding forward. However, unfortunately at our 12-week scan there was no heartbeat it was devastating and one of the worst days of our lives. Our whole life had turned upside down. We still got married two weeks later and decided to try again, only to get pregnant again exactly a year later but unfortunately ended in a miscarriage as well.

After Two Years Of Trying To Get Pregnant Again With No Luck, We Decided To Get Referred To Our Local Fertility Clinic…

We had all the tests that were available on the NHS and our diagnosis was unexplained infertility, which means they couldn’t find any reason as to why it wasn’t happening. This is when we started our IVF journey. It was a little surreal as my Mum and Dad had me through IVF, so I thought it would work first time like it did with me. We had one full round of IVF and we were lucky enough to get 6 embryos.

We Had One Fresh Transfer And Three Frozen Embryo Transfers Without Success And It Aas Exhausting…

The journey can be so difficult to go through as there are lots of ups and downs emotionally and physically. I also didn’t know anyone personally going through an IVF journey or infertility, so it felt very lonely at times. I decided to join the TTC online community and it has helped me so much to be able to share my journey and speak to other women going through the same experiences. They are truly all warriors.

Credit: @ivf_got_this_uk

Our Fourth Embryo Transfer Originally Got Cancelled Halfway Through Due To Covid…

Which was so frustrating I generally didn’t know when we could try again. Thankfully, we got the go ahead in May to get fertility clinics up and running and we started treatment in August 2020.

We Are Happy To Say That…

After 5 years of trying for a baby, three miscarriages and four embryo transfers we are finally pregnant with our healthy rainbow baby boy who is due in May. Pregnancy after loss and infertility is still such a terrifying journey in itself but it gets easier week by week.

Our Future Is Going To Be…

Navigating the third and fourth trimester and adjusting to life with a newborn and we can’t wait. We have two embryos in storage so maybe one day we can transfer them both and see what happens, but for now we are just so happy we have been given the chance to finally be parents.

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