Pregnancy Pilates: The Benefits

We headed over to a pregnancy Pilates class at Hale Country Club to chat to the yummy mummy’s about all things pregnancy, Pilates and our mama mio Pregnancy Starter Kits. Head over to our instagram to check out our pictures and videos!

What is Pregnancy Pilates?

Pilates is based mainly around deep breathing, which is great practise for your pregnancy, particularly when it comes to labour.

Pilates trains your body to be flexible, strong and improve coordination. Deep breathing helps control the positions and keep your heart rate balanced.

Most pregnancy Pilates movements are focused on your pelvic muscles, back muscles and tummy, which all help with good posture and balance.

Pilates builds on strength through a series of controlled, increasingly challenging movements that aid in developing a stable core.
How can Pilates help me in pregnancy?

Pilates targets the exact muscles that can be a problem during pregnancy and after birth, in the safest way possible.

Doing regular Pilates will help to:

  1. Strengthen your tummy muscles, which equips your body better to cope with the strains caused by the weight of your growing baby.
  2. Reduces back pain, by exercising the deepest tummy muscles that stabilise your back and pelvis. Weak muscles can lead to back or pelvic pain.
  3. Strengthen your pelvic floor, which will help to support your bowel, bladder and womb as your baby grows and moves down. This may prevent you from leaking (!)
  4. Pilates exercises strengthen your core and may make you more stable when you walk as your bump
  5. Takes the strain off your back and pelvis, by using positions such as going on your hands and knees, which is a great position for pregnancy.
  6. Relax and control your breathing, which is important for pregnancy and labour.

We recommend using our Tummy Rub Butter and Tummy Rub Oil throughout your pregnancy to help keep your lovely bump hydrated, nourished and elasticised.

Tip: Use from your boobs all the way round to your bum – it’s not just for your tummy!

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