Top 10 Facts About Your Pregnant Body

This week we are looking at you and that amazing body of yours!! So here it goes, this is our Top 10 facts about your pregnant body.

In as little as 40 weeks, your body grows another human being – how incredible is that?!

Fact 1 – Teeth

In the UK all pregnant women receive free dental treatment up until your baby is 12 months old! This is because gums become vulnerable and bleeding are extremely common! To avoid this, it is recommended to increase your calcium intake. So why not try a glass of milk every night and see if you notice a difference? Add cookies and it’s the perfect bedtime snack.

Fact 2 – Breathing

Did you know that as your uterus grows your diaphragm is compressed? Although it may seem difficult to breathe deeply, you actually take in more air to compensate!

Fact 3 – Smell

It’s not a myth, pregnant women really do have a stronger sense of smell. Changes in food likes and dislikes may stem from this! Prepare yourself for smells that will make you gag! Get in touch – what do you hate to smell that you used to love?!


Face 4 – Hair

Probably our favourite fact in our top 10 pregnant facts is that your hair will become thicker. Due to an increase in oestrogen, hair will appear glossier and thicker, ooo lala!! However, don’t worry if some hair falls out after the birth, as this is hair that would have shed in the previous 9 months!

Fact 5 – Skin

Hormones mean that skin can dry out during the nine-month stretch. And speaking of stretching, make sure skin is protected against stretch marks! Our Tummy Rub Butter and Oil will do just that, while hydrating and soothing any itchiness. (US customers, get your Tummy Rubber Butter and Oil from the US Mama Mio site).

Fact 6 – The Placenta

Did you know that the placenta is considered an organ? So not only do you grow a human life, you are growing another organ – Just another amazing thing your pregnant body does!

Fact 7 – Pains from Strains

Once again the increased levels of oestrogen play a role here by causing ligaments to relax. With the extra strain of your beautiful baby growing each day, this can cause pain particularly in your lower back.

Fact 8 – The Womb

Did you know that your womb holds a pint of water? The incredible liquid protects your beautiful baby throughout that 9 month stretch, and with that one pop, it’s all gone!

Fact 9 – Blood

During those 40 weeks, the total volume of blood is 50% higher than usual; this is to allow more oxygen to circulate around your body. Be sure to keep your heart healthy and check out our 7 reasons to exercise during pregnancy.

Fact 9 – Boobs

Give them the right support! During pregnancy you will notice visible changes in your boobs! They can become sore and HUGE! This is the time to protect your skin and treasure your chest! You can do this with our Pregnancy Boob Tube which helps to soothe and cool pregnant and new mama boobs! Are you a US customer? Get your Pregnancy Boob Tube from our US site!

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Fact 10 – The Loo, Lavatory, Toilet…

As the uterus expands into your bladder, you will need to go more! Our top tip is to scout of the nearest restroom before you head out, just so you know where the nearest one is!!

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