mama mio’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and although baby might not have arrived yet it’s still super thoughtful to buy a mama-to-be a gift to thank her for all the hard work she’s been doing. She has been growing a mini miracle after all!

We’ve popped together a few of our fave ideas in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you out. Guaranteed to make any mama-to-be happy this Mother’s Day!

  1. Happy Mama's Kit

    Our Happy Mamas Day Kit makes the perfect gift for any mama to-be during the nine month stretch. Whether a mama’s just found out she’s expecting or if she’s about to pop this gift set includes all the essentials for strong, glowing pregnancy skin from top to toe.

    Looking for the perfect gift for an expectant mama this Mother’s Day? This kit is a fantastic penny saver with an RRP of £48.50 but worth £65 and will make sure any mama-to-be feels especially special this Mother’s Day.


    -Tummy Rub Butter, Pregnancy Boob Tube, mini Lucky Legs, mini Liquid Yoga space spray

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    Dreamgenni Pregnancy Pillow

    Pregnant mama’s often find that with that gorgeous growing bump comes sleep problems. Whether that’s getting comfy, supporting their bump, or keeping them lying on their side during the night. (the ideal position for both mama and baby)

    Super comfy and super practical, make a mama’s dream come true this Mother’s Day with the Dreamgenni pillow.

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  3. Superstar in a Jar
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    Superstar in a Jar

    Already bought your Mother’s Day Gift but feel it needs a little extra pizzazz? Superstar in a Jar is our new mega balm that heals, revitalises, protects and nourishes dry skin. Perfect for anywhere that needs a little extra love and care.

    Pop on dry lips, split ends, tame wild brows, even suitable for babies, this one stop product is perfect for every mama.

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    The Bump Kit

    Seraphine Maternity has a choice of four ‘Bump Kit’s’ perfect to start a stylish maternity wardrobe with some mama-to-be essentials.

    With a style to suit every mama you can’t go wrong!

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  5. Supersize Tummy Rub Butter
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    Supersize Tummy Rub Butter

    Know a mama whose a Tummy Rub Butter addict? Our award-winning Tummy Rub Butter now comes in supersize! With the same maximum protection against stretch marks and itchy tummies, for a limited time only our Tummy Rub Butter has doubled in size!

    Perfect for the ultimate indulgence and pamper session this Mother’s Day.

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    Bloom and Wild

    Flower’s make a great Mother’s Day Gift, but do you know what makes a better present than one bunch of flowers? Multiple bouquets of flowers delivered to your door every week!

    Bloom and Wild’s subscription service delivers gorgeous bouquets straight to your door, weekly, fornightly or monthly depending on what you choose. Nothing brightens up a house like fresh flowers in your favourite rooms.

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