Get Waisted

Body Shaper

shrink fat cells, tighten and firm tummy flab

Get a flatter, firmer, tighter tummy from proven fat-busters and toners in our body shaping cream that works beneath the skin's surface to increase the breakdown of fat.

• clinically proven to help increase fat burning

• tightens and tones your skin so it feels smooth and taut

• works well on love handles, too

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100ml |3.4fl.oz

Mama Mio Get Waisted
How to use
One pump is plenty – massage in for at least 30 seconds using large clockwise strokes (helping sluggish digestion, another cause of bloated bellies). Work all the way around your back. Use once a day for 30 days – no cheating! For maintenance, use once a day for as long as you wish. Feel free to get creative – if your arms are tubbier than your tummy, you can let them Get Waisted too.

How it works
Get Waisted works by increasing the energy levels within your skin, boosting firmness, tightness and increasing lipolysis. Lipolysis is the natural action that happens when your fat cells release the 'energy' within them - ie fat - to give your body fuel. Get Waisted has 7 ingredients that are designed to increase this natural action on the fat cells within your skin plus 2 skin firmers and tighteners. We want to be totally realistic on this - it is not going to remove large fat deposits, like adipose fat. That takes a combination of Get Waisted, exercise and eating well! But the combination of all these is going to give you a triple whammy result - smoother, firmer, tauter skin around your waist. This seriously is the best body shaper we could create. It has been tested independently by Weightwatchers and many publications like Daily Mail - Weightwatchers tester claimed 'I lost an inch in 30 days by simply using Get Waisted' and The Daily Mail gave Get Waisted the award of 5/5 Best Body Shaper against all the competition. This made us pretty happy, as you can imagine.

We have included each one of these extracts at the maximum recommended level to be sure that you achieve maximum results. Each ingredient is well proven in lab tests to dramatically help you achieve a thinner, toned look.

Phyco R75™ extracted from laminaria digitata, a special brown seaweed; manufacturer's studies show a drop in jeans' size after 21 days of use.

Aureamat Samphira™ an extract of rock samphire; proven in a lab testing to help improve the performance of Phyco R75 by 152%, dramatically increasing the long term recontouring effects.

Rhodofiltrat Delessaria™ & Palmaria™ 2 mineral rich extracts from red algae, packed with amino acids. In vitro testing demonstrates these help increase microcirculation and stimulated lipolysis.

Caffeine renowned for its circulation-boosting and firming effects.

Adipoless™ & Adiposlim™ laboratory tests prove both work together to help boost fat burning and inhibit future fat storage. Manufacturer's trials showed a 71% improvement in the appearance of dimply fat.

Sorry for the chemistry lesson but it's important to us that you understand how and why Get Waisted is such and amazing product.


And finally, here is the full monty ingredients list with extra info for the non-scientists amongst us:

Aqua (Water)
Zea Mays Propanediol (Humectant)
Caffeine (Skin conditioning agent)
Stearyl Alcohol (Thickener)
Laminaria Digitata Extract (Skin conditioning agent)
Palmaria Palmata Extract (Skin conditioning agent)
Delesseria Sanguinea Extract (Skin conditioning agent)
Sorbitan Laurate (Emulsifier)
Crithmum Maritimum Extract (Skin conditioning agent)
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (Skin conditioning agent)
Lauroyl Proline (Skin conditioning agent)
Ceteareth 20 (Emulsifier)
Dipropylene Glycol (Humectant)
Algae Extract (Skin conditioning agent)
Pullulan (Binding agent)
Dimethicone (Skin protectant)
Parfum (Fragrance)
Glyceryl Stearate (Emulsifier)
PEG-100 Stearate (Emulsifer/Thickener)
Sodium Steroyl Glutamate (Emulsifer/Thickener)
Phenoxyethanol (Preservative system)
Menthone Glycerin Acetal (Sensory agent)
Xanthan Gum (Thickener)
Sodium Hyaluronate (Humectant)
Glycerin (Humectant)
Menthol (Sensory enhancer)
Limonene (Fragrance from Lavendar oil, allergens from natural essential oils)
Linalool (Fragrance(from Lavendar oil, allergens from natural essential oils)
Citral (Allergens derived from essential oils)
Citronellol (Allergens derived from essential oils)
Evernia Furfuracea (Allergens derived from essential oils)
Benzyl Benzoate (Allergens derived from essential oils)

  • by leire
    in love

    I just started using this product a few weeks ago. But I am already completely in love with it. I just ordered a new botlle! just a great product, easy to use and results are amazing!

  • by Jolana
    Can't wait to start using it

    I read about you on Monday evening for the first time. I visited your site and immediately ordered 4 products. Today is Thursday, and I already received my package - together with a little surprise. I can't wait to start using them.

  • by Maggie
    Fantastic product

    I think im addicted to mama mio products they are the best!! I won't go a day with putting it on, thank god for you gals, loving my new body

  • by Judy
    Finally, products that work!

    Hi... My name is Judy and I live in South Carolina.. I have tried 2 of your products... Get Waisted and Nexercise.. I LOVE them BOTH !!! Thank YOU for finally coming out with a product that WORKS !!!! :) You gals RULE !!!... thank you.. thank you.. !!!

  • by ziggy

    i use it on my chin and jowles, have to admit it worked!! jowles have disappeared chin tighter, saved me a £2600 op!!

  • by Neysha
    Love it!!!

    Really works I drops 40 pounds but need some help in some parts!!!

  • by Vanessa
    Love it

    I been using it for already 3 weeks & I love it it smells good I been using other products & they never worked but when I started using this one I seen progress in my body

  • by kels

    I was skeptical on using this cream... why? because they say creams don't work! I think I have mama mio to thank for some great results! I will continue to use this product so far... so good. I use it twice a day

  • by Sarah

    I started using this on my tummy! I religiously used it every day. I would never have believed I could possibly have such great results... I have recommended it to everyone to buy and ! I am still using and love it for keeping me !!! Who says only celebrities can look this good .

    PS if you can get to a spa that offers a Mama Mio treatment you will think you have died and gone to heaven!! :)

  • by Gary

    it makes my wife confident and happy

  • by Claire Earley

    My friends surprised me with this product. I have absolutely covered myself in it. I love Mama Mio especially the smell. I am looking forward to using my boob tube I have seen such great reviews about it!


    I have been putting it on daily I recently went for a swim with other mums and they commented on how good I looked. I told them it's all down to the Mama Mio Get Waisted.

  • by Sarah

    Smells divine, makes me feel good, easy to apply & makes me feel yummy

  • by Dushianthi

    I love the consistency and fast absorption and smell.

  • by Victoria

    Smells nice and keeps my skin soft and smooth

  • by Galina
    Witney Oxon

    Melting creaminess, with a gorgeous scent.

  • by Stephanie

    Mama mio - here it goes again My just how good I feel Mama mio - can't you just see it Just how good Mama Mio makes me feel!

  • by Lauren
    Hemel Hempstead

    Smooth, luxurious and pampering

  • by laura

    I love this product, it smells divine and is just perfect to use straight after a hot bath, just the thing you need when fed up, this product brightens up my day!

  • by diane

    It made my skin feel soft and silky and it smelt so good.

  • by Catherine

    I used this wonder-product I would never have thought any of it possible and am proud of mama mio.

  • by Julie

    I am so happy about this and will use these again. I have recommended your products to all my friends and family. A colleague at work stopped using Palmers products and ordered from Mama Mio instead after I let her try some of my items. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

  • by Mary

    The Mama Mio Get Waisted is lovely and leaves my skin feeling smooth. It makes me feel a bit more sexy - which is a great confidence booster .

  • by Melanie
    Westcliff on Sea

    It smells delicious and makes me feel divine. What could be better??!!

  • by Clare

    It was amazing and the smell was just gorgeous. It became part of my night time routine I Wouldn't use anything else now, Many Thanks xxx

  • by Gintare

    I have been told by my friend that mama mio does miracles and decided to try!!!I love it, smells sooooo good, not greasy, and leaves my skin absolutely flawless, I LOVE IT!!I think everybody should try Mama Mio products and treat themselves.

  • by Sophie

    I used this product religiously, previously i had quite a negative image of myself this goes a long way in making me feel a lot better about myself at the moment thanks!

  • by Kelly
    St Helier

    Can't believe that you are only letting me choose one! I have used the above and within two weeks I am lucky enough to see results. I have also been using Boob Tube which I love

  • by zoe

    Smells gorgeous and isn't really greasy like most other creams

  • by Kerri

    Sinks into the skin well, smells lovely, works great !

  • by Zoe

    It makes my skin feel so moisturised and lovely

  • by Kirsty Hackshall

    It rubs in soooo easily - I love it . great results !

  • by Heidi

    I've been using this cream it makes my tummy feel lovely and smooth! It has a lovely luxurious smell and it makes me feel special when I use it, I love it so much I have also started using the Boob Tube and OMega Super Rich Body Cream as I felt the other parts of my body were missing out!

  • by annabel

    Love the concept of Mama Mio, adore the smell and swear by it

  • by vanessa

    I so loved this product, the smell, the quality as it melts into the skin.

  • by corrin

    I was sent a complimentary tube and have been addicted ever since- it absorbs really quickly, no greasy mess to deal with, it is great not only on tums but bums, thighs and even ''maternity wings'' too!! I will be using this product for the foreseeable future!! thank-you Mama Mio!

  • by Sarah

    There nothing like a bit of a pick me up when you feel huge, this really does this trick ! love it.

  • by Claire

    It has greatly helped me Its light and non sticky or glopy I love it!!`

  • by Lee

    Its simple keeps my skin smooth !After 2 children I want to be a yummy mummy and this is the first step!

  • by Shyreem

    I love Mama Mio! there are not many things that put a smile on my face - knowing that I'm able to care for my skin makes me feel better and good about myself. I love it. Oh and it also smells great too!

  • by vivien

    Takes special care of this tired skin after the work its done, it deserves a little luxury.

  • by Gillian

    Smells delicious, sinks in really quickly, non-greasy, soothing, moisturising, comforting, skin-smoothing, prevents itching and a little goes a long way. What's not to love?!

  • by Sarah

    Feels lovely and soaks in beautifully. Doesn't transfer onto clothes. Makes my skin feel soft and supple. I love the consistency, not too thick or too runny, just right.

  • by Sara

    Saved me how could you not love it?! Beautiful smell, luscious texture, thick and creamy.....tempting to use it as a daily moisturiser!


  • by Louisa

    a lovely treat, it was easy to put on and really helped with my problem tummy. I now use OMega Super Rich Body Cream and really enjoy how it feels, goes on and smells.

  • by Louise

    It is fantastic blends into skin and makes me feel fab

  • by chloe

    loved it so much !

  • by Arabella

    This product was my savior - I read about it in a magazine ! I have since told everyone I know to buy this and they too have had the same experience. guess what is on my shopping list to buy??

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