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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Libra 

Are you a zodiac sceptic? Well it’s the perfect time to test the theory with astrological predictions!

During the nine month stretch, some questions will go unanswered until you meet your baby. Hours, even days, will be spent wondering what your baby will be like! Astrological predictions are a great way to unravel all those thoughts.

So you’re having a Libra – Congratulations! According to zodiac gurus, your Libra baby will be a diplomatic individual who may be lazy at times. But I wouldn’t start thinking that you will be getting a lie in till 9am every day, because they LOVE attention.

A Libra baby loves excitement, the unusual and new situations, so don’t be worried when you drop your little at their first day of nursery because they will easily make friends. They thrive in groups and are apparently the glue that holds everything together. Libra’s will easily master the art of relationships, so make sure you enjoy watching them grow and evolve within their peer groups. However, they often develop a need to depend on others.

When it comes to honest hard work, be wary of your baby’s lack of motivation. They may need a slight push every now and again to get things on the move. They have the potential to be a good leader, but often lack the determination. However, when they feel that something is unfair they leap into action, so you may have a budding humanitarian on your hands!

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Stock up your creative cupboard, because their creative flair is supposedly better than most. From screen writers to established artists, Libras love to share their creativity with the world. Engage them with creative hobbies and these hobbies could possibly turn into a career!

Although Libra’s display a confident front, they often hide their true feelings to restore a peaceful environments. They hate to upset anyone, and this may build up inside them. They truly are compassionate and lovely individuals, but let me know it’s ok to put their own feelings first!

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Olga Kasprzyk

Olga Kasprzyk

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