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Discover Gravida Our Signature Scent

Discover Gravida Our Signature Scent
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A favourite part of our amazing formulas for most mamas (and for us!) is our incredible signature Gravida scent. Gravida means pregnancy in Latin and is a very special element of our mama mio range. It is a unique blend of ten pregnancy-specific essential oils that all combine to create a fragrance which  not only smells wonderful but offers emotional and physical benefits to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Every single one of the oils that make up our signature Gravida scent has been chosen for its safety and its specific benefits for you throughout pregnancy . It is a beautiful fresh citrus blend with a gentle heart of white flowers  which is designed to appeal to even the most morning sick mamas. It somehow smells just perfect and we know mamas-to-be love it just as much as we do.

Mandarin Oil

Mandarin Oil is chocked full of antioxidants which help protect and nourish the skin whilst its astringent properties act as a skin toner. It's excellent at reducing fluid retention (a problem mamas to-be are prone to) and especially good at combating scars and stretch marks. The scent is super uplifting and refreshing and keeps the mind calm in periods of irritability or stress.

Pettigrain Oil

Pettigrain Oil is useful in treating muscular tension, backache and helps with indigestion! For those of you who have found pregnancy makes you more exhausted then ever Pettigrain will also give you a little energy boost!

Neroli Oil

This oil improves circulation, soothes muscle cramps, prevents scarring and stretch marks and is extra nourishing for dry sensitive skin. That's why we put Neroili Oil in our formulas, to keep skin nourished, strong and stretch mark free. This scent is soothing, calming and comforting to counteract anxiety and sleep problems.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil diminishes water retention, promotes collagen production, reduces puffiness, stimulates circulation and softens skin to keep your pregnant skin healthy and strong.  This scent is warm and up-lifting to dispel gloom and keep you feeling your most positive.

Lime Oil

This oil increases circulation and acts as a diuretic and lymphatic stimulant, perfect for achy, weary swollen legs and feet. A fresh lime scent is uplifting and awakening.

Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil aids circulation, detoxifies and enlivens complexion. It is cooling, refreshing and uplifting. It also great to clear your head and strengthens your immune system.

Bergamot Oil

This oil is know for strengthening the immune system and healing skin, to keep it strong and healthy during pregnancy when your skin is at its weakest. The scent is both refreshing and energy boosting.

Grapefruit Oil

Perfect for aiding circulatory conditions, helping with water retention and muscle fatigue its great for weary pregnant mamas to-be who are tired from carrying a little baby around all day. The grapefruit scent is uplifting and has been said to prevent stress and calm a nervous energy. For those of you who worry about everything our Gravida scent is the ultimate recipe for calm.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang stimulates skin cell growth allowing your skin to stretch safely and healthily to accommodate your little one. Emotionally this scent helps you to relax and is even an aphrodisiac!

Lavender Oil

This is the most commonly used essential oil for a reason. It is wonderfully healing for the skin and stimulates the growth of healthy cells. It also increases circulation and wards off varicose veins, great to pep up those pins for those of you who struggle with swollen legs and feet. The lavender scent is know for relieving tension, tiredness and helping to restore balance to mind and body.

Writer and expert
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