Keep Calm Nipple Balm

95% of mamas agreed that nipples felt instantly soothed with improved comfort for sore, delicate nipples.

'The buttery blend is designed to soothe nipples throughout pregnancy, and is vegan and breastfeeding friendly for postpartum.' - Grazia UK

Our Keep Calm Nipple Balm helps provide instant comfort and relief to dry, sensitive nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Tummy Rub Butter

98% of mamas agreed skin felt supple and more elastic and would recommend to their fellow mamas.

'This stretch mark cream is specifically created for the belly area, but you can use it anywhere you might need to soothe itchiness from growing, stretching skin.' - Cosmopolitan US

Help nourish and protect your bump throughout the 9-month str-e-tch with our award-winning Tummy Rub Butter.


Lucky Legs

88% of mamas agreed skin felt instantly cooled, refreshed and soothed.

'This uplifting gel is packed with essential oils leaving skin cool and refreshed. You can actually feel the difference instantaneously, trust us.' - The Bump US.

Our Lucky Legs Cooling Gel helps provide refreshing relief to tired, aching legs, feet and ankles.


Tummy Rub Oil

100% of mamas agreed skin felt instantly soothed and supple and would recommend to fellow mamas.

'Slather it on your tummy, thighs, chest and anywhere else your changing body could use some attention.' - Babylist US.

Our Tummy Rub Oil is expertly formulated to nourish and protect dry, uncomfortable bumps.


Pregnancy Boob Tube

95% of mamas agreed that skin felt relieved and refreshed and would recommend to fellow mamas.

'This vegan, naturally-scented cream harnesses cabbage leaf extract to combat the aches, and hydrating vitamins to boost hydration.' - ELLE UK.

Our Pregnancy Boob Tube will help soothe growing, achy boobs.


Our customers say...

Miracle balm

Now this is the product I was looking forward to using the most, as a breast feeding mum my nipples would be quite sore and would crack. This balm helps moisturise, soothe and keep the nipple area supple. Absolute bonus is that there is no need to remove when you breastfeed your baby. I would definitely recommend this to nursing mothers who are struggling.


I've been using the Mama Mio tummy rub butter for the past couple of weeks and love it! Just approaching 18 weeks in my pregnancy journey, even though baby bump is still fairly small it's definitely grown and the butter has been great so far. Its consistency is perfect for a full tummy rub, gives perfect coverage and the smell is divine! Definitely recommend this product for mums to be!


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