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Boobs & Breastfeeding

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Have your boobs been feeling sore during your pregnancy, Mama? Or perhaps your little one has arrived and you're looking for some breastfeeding skin products. Either way, your boobs go through a lot during those nine months and beyond, so it's important to give them the care they deserve. Our pregnancy and baby-safe formulas have been developed with the highest quality ingredients to cool, soothe, and hydrate sore boobs and nipples. Formulated with natural, plant-based actives and backed by rigorous user trials and clinical testing, these special products will provide the results for you to feel relieved, refreshed, and restored.
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  • Keep Calm Nipple Balm 30ml

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Why Mama Mio Boobs & Breastfeeding?

Mama Mio's breastfeeding skin products are specially designed for Mamas experiencing sore boobs during pregnancy and after. Made with pregnancy and baby-safe formulas, these natural products have been developed with the highest quality ingredients to refresh, relieve, and hydrate sore boobs and nipples.