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What causes sensitive skin during pregnancy?

What causes sensitive skin during pregnancy?
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Sensitive skin during pregnancy can occur even if you’ve never had sensitive skin before. These changes are linked to – you guessed it – your ever fluctuating hormones!

There’s so much going on inside your body, it makes sense that things are going to change on the outside, too. But we’re here to help you deal with the increased sensitivity and find out how to soothe itchy legs and dry tummies.

Why is skin more sensitive during pregnancy?

The increase in hormones can cause sensitive skin during pregnancy, to anything ranging from sunlight, detergents and even certain types of food. It’s also because as your baby grows, so do you! Whether you're 12 weeks pregnant or 36 weeks pregnant, your skin is going to stretch which can cause it to feel itchy, dry and sore.

How to treat sensitive skin during pregnancy


Use dedicated pregnancy skincare

The products you used prior to pregnancy will potentially contain ingredients and chemicals that you weren’t even aware of, combined with crazy hormones that can really irritate skin. You might have used a certain product for years, yet suddenly it can cause flare-ups and redness.

All of our products are developed solely for use during and after pregnancy, containing natural plant-based actives in effective formulations. Our products are designed to treat specific pregnancy skincare concerns including sore boobs, tired, itchy legs and stretch marks.

Take extra care in the sun

You might find that you burn more easily in the sun. Make sure you’re wearing at least SPF 30, wear a hat and try to avoid long periods of exposure. With increased sensitivity your skin might react to your usual sunscreen – try swapping to one with a physical filter rather than chemical filter, like titanium dioxide. Read more about pregnancy and sun protection.

Take care with what you wear

Choose clothes that are made from pure cotton as this is kinder on skin. And looser fitting items won’t rub against skin or feel too constrictive. It might also be a good idea to start washing your clothes with non-bio and using an unperfumed softener.


Use a pregnancy body scrub to smooth away the dry and dull surface layer of skin cells in the warmth of your shower. Our Tummy Rub Scrub is a pregnancy safe exfoliator formulated with natural exfoliants, making it super gentle yet effective. This exfoliating scrub for belly removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple.


When you're pregnant it's important to ensure that your tummy is moisturised, soothed and hydrated to prevent dryness and prevent stretch marks. Our iconic and best-selling Tummy Rub Butter is enriched with our Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex to moisturise, comfort and protect your growing bump. Clinically proven* to increase skin elasticity, this stretch mark cream is packed full of plant-based actives to deliver results you can both see and feel.

Instant relief

For an instant refreshing and cooling treat, use our Lucky Legs Refreshing Spritz to instantly soothe and refresh tired, swollen and itchy legs after a long day. This is definitely an essential for your hospital bag!

Writer and expert
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