30-Day Mini Mio Skincare Diary: Katy Jenkins

baby skincare diary

To celebrate the launch of our NEW baby skincare range Mini Mio, we asked Katy Jenkins from @ivf_got_this_UK to complete a 30-day skincare diary using the range on her son, Parker.

Read on to discover Katy’s skincare diary, her favourite Mini Mio products to use on Parker and the ones she would recommend to fellow Mama’s to help enhance that special bonding time between you and your little one…

baby skincare diary

1. Can you tell us a bit about your son Parker, how old is he and does he suffer with any particular skin concerns?

Our son Parker is 6 months old, time is going too fast! Parker doesn’t suffer with any skin conditions, however he does have a strawberry birth mark on his face but I am told it should disappear eventually, so we are not concerned.

2. Is there any part of Parker’s skincare routine that you struggle with?

Parker absolutely loves bath time. He has started bathing in the big bath now without myself or my husband sitting in there with him and he loves it, he loves the toys, books and disco lights. We still use the little bath that he sits in downstairs sometimes, too. We have to put a mat down for all the splish-splashing he does, as we don’t want him to soak the carpet!

3. Have you ever used Mama Mio or Mini Mio before?

Mama Mio was my favourite brand during my pregnancy and I have continued to use the Mama Mio range now that I’m postpartum. When I found out Mama Mio were launching a baby skincare range Mini Mio, I was so happy because I knew the standard would be the same as their other ranges, and I was right!

4. How did the products enhance that special bonding time between you and your son?

Parker has a good head of hair on him so we start his bath time routine by giving his hair a wash first, otherwise it can be difficult to get the bubbles out, especially if he is in his little Bath. Using the Oh So Clean Foaming Wash on his hair is fantastic, I don’t have to use too much and it is not too soapy, easy to rinse out and his hair is free of bubbles to carry on playing.

5. Did you find the skincare quick and easy to use?

We have also been using the Tub Time Bath Bubbles, Sweet Cheeks Moisturiser and The Comfort & Calm Bum Balm all of which are not too heavy and they are not oily either which is a plus for us. They absorb into Parker’s skin quickly, without feeling wet afterwards when we are quickly getting him dressed and warm. Another plus about these products is we haven’t had to use much at all, so they last a long time.

6. How did you both find the fragrance?

All of the products have a subtle, comforting smell which reminds me of when he was a newborn. They have been easy to use and haven’t leaked which I have found other brands have.

7. What are your favourite products that you would recommend to fellow Mamas to help protect, nourish and care for their little one’s skin?

I would recommend the Oh So Clean Foaming Wash, as it is easy to apply with the pump and easy to rinse off especially on babies/children with a lot of hair. I would also recommend the Comfort & Calm Bum Balm as it is not too heavy or oily and lasts a long time.

Overall I am very impressed with this NEW baby range, it would make a gorgeous gift set for a Mama to be. It looks great too!

Discover more about our NEW paediatrician-approved Mini Mio range here. 

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