Discover the Unexpected Benefits of Ginger during Pregnancy

Benefits of Ginger During Your Pregnancy

You’ve probably already heard the basics surrounding the  benefits of Ginger during pregnancy. It’s well known for helping with nausea and morning sickness. However Ginger has multiple medicinal properties and has been part of ancient medicine and traditions all over the world. Read on for some more benefits of Ginger during pregnancy…

Reduces Bloating and Gas!

There’s a few things that are totally unexpected about pregnancy,why does no-one tell you that always uncontrollable, occasionally embarrassing gas is one of them! Ginger is actually an amazing digestive aid, can help reduce that gassiness and neutralise bloating.

Common Colds

Your immune system can get a little overworked during pregnancy, leaving you prone to colds. Ginger is amazing for boosting your immune system and helping to prevent those minor ailments.

Heartburn solved!

Ginger is actually great for preventing that heartburn many mamas-to-be find themselves with. Sip on ginger tea, or pop a fresh slice of ginger with sugar, honey and hot water in between your meals to help fight off heartburn causing acids.

Smells amazing…

Here at mama mio we love the smell of ginger, whether that’s in our tea or our skincare.  In fact the smell itself has been to known to help with nausea and morning sickness. Our award-winning Tummy Rub Butter now comes in a Limited Edition Ginger and Lime scent, inspired by the time tested use of ginger to ease morning sickness. With the same

Heat up the bedroom…

Ginger improves the functioning of your circulatory system warming up your body and therefore increasing your libido! Heat things up in the bedroom mama!



** If you have any concerns about adding fresh ginger to your diet do contact your medical professional. We advise against taking any supplements unless have your doctors permission.

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