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When to Use Nappy Cream and How To Use It

When to Use Nappy Cream and How To Use It
Josie Wilkins
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How are you settling in, mama? There's a lot to adapt to in these early stages and hopefully by now you've come to terms with all of the nappy changing. With over ten changes a day, it'll soon come as second nature! However, if you spot areas of dryness or irritation, fear not. There's no need to second guess your changing technique. Whether you've gone for the standard disposables or cotton, the friction of a nappy rubbing against your baby's bottom can show on their dainty skin. At this point, you may be wondering what can keep their skin silky smooth, soft and nourished from top-to-tiny-toe. This is when to use nappy cream.

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What is nappy cream?

Let's begin by answering the question, what actually is nappy cream?

Well, sitting in a nappy can cause irritation on your little one's bottom, no matter how often you change them. First of all, don’t panic, this is an extremely common problem. Normally when we experience irritation from friction, we'd reach for a talcum powder. However, according to the NHS, you shouldn't use talcum powder as it contains ingredients that could irritate your baby's skin.

Enter: nappy cream, an ointment that acts as a barrier to block your baby's delicate skin from the nappy and its contents. If you can already see some irritation forming, nappy barrier cream will help to protect their soft skin from dampness and friction that might cause more damage.

Ideally, the nappy barrier cream will multi-function as both a protecting and soothing solution. For example, Mama Mio's Comfort & Calm Bum Balm is the ultimate baby bum cream for happy nappies! Our comforting cream leaves a protective layer on baby's skin leaving it to look and feel calm, super soft and instantly moisturised. Plus, it's not just for your baby's bottom. It can be applied to cheeks, bum or anywhere on the face and body that requires a little extra comfort. So, when it's time to use nappy cream, you can moisturise everywhere!

How to apply nappy cream

This cream should be used every time you change your little one's nappy, so a lot. Luckily, how to apply nappy cream is quick and simple. Rub the Mini Mio Comfort And Calm Bum Balm in gentle circular motions onto your baby's skin. Pay extra attention to cover those areas that need it the most, such as the cheeks that come into direct contact with the nappy.

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How much nappy cream should I use?

When applying the nappy cream, it may be tempting to lather on a thick layer for extra protection. However, only use a thin amount around the bum. Too much cream can affect the nappy’s absorbency. 

The great thing about the Mini Mio Comfort And Calm Bum Balm is that it can be applied anywhere to soothe and moisturise. So, if you've taken too much out of the tub, simply massage the excess into the rest of the body.

How often should you use nappy cream?

This brings us on to how often you should use a nappy cream. Preferably, we want to prevent any irritation from happening rather than treating it. Prevention is the cure, mama! Therefore, you should use a nappy barrier cream every time you bring your little one to the changing table, whether that be at home or out and about. Ideally, you want one that can be tossed into the changing bag so when you need to use nappy cream, it's always at hand!

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Sometimes your little one will be sure to let you know if they feel any sort of discomfort. Keep an eye out for extra wriggling or crying and when it happens, check those sensitive areas for any signs of redness. However, other times you won't hear a peep. That's why it's important to always double-check the sensitive areas at every changing time. If you do spot signs of agitated skin, this is when to use nappy cream straight away to calm the surface.

When can you use nappy cream on a newborn?

According to the NHS, for at least the first month it's best to bath your baby with plain water only. That means no cleansers, skin lotions and medicated wipes. However, nappy barrier creams that contain harsh ingredients and fragrances should generally be avoided entirely.

So when can you use a nappy cream on your newborn? Mama Mio's products are specially designed and recommended for age 3 months and over. The Comfort And Calm Bum Balm is fragrance-free for the most delicate of skin and charged with a Skin Nurturing Omega Complex expertly formulated by our dermatologists. When using the nappy cream, the unique blend of Shea, Avocado and Coconut Oils rich in Omegas will help keep baby's skin feeling nourished and moisturised without any worries of questionable formulas or ingredients!

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Writer and expert
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