What Is Hypnobirthing? | Your Top 8 Questions Answered

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Mama, have you considered practicing hypnobirthing to prepare yourself for birth? A rising star amongst Mama’s when they’re preparing to push, push, push we spoke to NHS Midwifery Sister Pip from @midwife_pip to find out what hypnobirthing really is and how this technique can help you feel calmer and more relaxed when the big day arrives.

Read on to discover what hypnobirthing is, the benefits of hypnobirthing and where you can find out more about this technique…

1. Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself and why antenatal education is so important?

Hello, I am Pip a practicing NHS Midwifery Sister in the UK- I LOVE being a midwife. The strength of women both amazes and inspires me and I am blessed to support the miraculous journey of pregnancy and birth every day.

I am enthused by women receiving the best, most supportive and evidence-based information. For this reason I have taken to social media (@midwife_pip), founded my podcast (Midwife Pip Podcast) and support expectant parents through my range of online courses (

I have an ethos that EVERY woman should feel like superwoman after they give birth regardless of any of the twists or turns that may crop up… and the key to this has to be through quality, expert antenatal education. The type that leaves you informed about the realities and evidence but also empowered by understanding the physiology and how to support your body and baby on the journey. Turning fear into excitement as women prepare to transition into the wonderful world of motherhood.

2. What is hypnobirthing and what are the benefits? Can it help you feel more positive, relaxed and calm during birth?

I teach hypnobirthing techniques in my antenatal education courses, and I feel this is an important combination.

Hypnobirthing is essentially a mixture of breathwork, mindfulness, visualisations and relaxation techniques that can be utilised as pain relief during labour and birth. Antenatal education gives you the knowledge and understanding of the processes that take place and how to support and prepare your body. It is this combination that I feel is optimal for a more positive and calm birth.

3. Can hypnobirthing help relieve pain during birth?

Many women find it a helpful method, the more relaxed you are in labour the more your body releases endorphins which are your body’s natural pain killers- we want LOTS of those in labour, so relaxation and calmness is key!

4. Are there any misconceptions around hypnobirthing and is it an option for all pregnant women?

Yes, it is. Regardless of whether you’re planning a vaginal or caesarean section birth the techniques can be very useful. In fact, they can be utilised for any stressful time in your life and are techniques that you will always have in your toolbox for when you need them.

5. If a woman is interested in hypnobirthing, at what stage in her pregnancy should she start hypnobirthing training?

There is no definitively right or wrong time but last second- early third trimester will ensure plenty of time to practice the mindful and breathwork techniques taught and ensures things are still fresh in your mind too.

6. Would you suggest that your birth partner should attend a hypnobirthing or any birth course as well?

100% YES!

Birth partners have such an important role in labour and birth and attending courses can really help ensure they are best prepared to support the labouring woman as she needs.

In fact, evidence shows continual support in labour reduces the need for pharmacological pain relief methods, so birth partner really are important.

7. Where can pregnant women learn more about hypnobirthing or different birthing methods?

On my website! – you will find access to my Podcast and Blog here as well as details on all the courses I offer.

8. If a Mama decides that hypnobirthing isn’t suited to her, can you suggest some other ways that can help her feel more relaxed and calmer during birth?

Absolutely, you can pick and choose what methods work for you! Every woman is beautifully unique and there is no one size fits all in labour and birth.

Having information and being aware of your options is crucial and will enable you to think about and plan for the methods that will help you feel relaxed and calm. This may be as simple as creating a positive environment and utilising lights and music for example. This is where your antenatal education is so empowering and important!

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