Gifts for Pregnant Women

Let’s face it, if you’re pregnant during the festive period, it may feel like you’re missing out on several of your favourite christmassy traditions! We’re talking wine, paté, soft cheese or eggnog… But don’t fear, our team of pregnancy experts have gathered a list of must-have gifts for pregnant women so you can enjoy some of the good stuff this year too! Make sure you either start writing your wish list, or forward this over to your loved one as a hint, because you’ll love opening these goodies on the 25th of December!

Mama Mio Top to Toe Kit


This set of Mama Mio treats will prep and prime your skin from top to toe (see what we did there?)! Inside this exclusive bundle, you’ll find four individual products that will cater to your skin’s needs.

Starting with our award-winning Tummy Rub Butter, this luxurious cream is packed with an Omega-rich blend of organic oils to provide skin with essential nutrients.

Next up, is our Pregnancy Boob Tube – specifically formulated to protect your chest as the delicate skin around this area stretches.

Then you’ll find our Lucky Legs Cooling Gel that targets tired legs and swollen ankles. This lightweight cream instantly cools and soothes aching muscles (perfect after a hard day Christmas shopping too)!

And finally, our Gorgeous Glow Face Cream will work hard to keep hormonal skin at bay. All of these products are pregnancy safe and uphold our No Nasties promise so this lovely bundle truly is the perfect gift for pregnant women.

Beauty Box Subscription


Do you wish it could be Christmas every day? Well, at least with a Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscription it can be Christmas (sort of) every month! Inside you’ll find a selection of hand-picked beauty fixes for you to unwrap and discover. Either subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months and give the gift that doesn’t stop giving!

Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera


Capture all those precious moments throughout your pregnancy and beyond with this polaroid camera! Pregnancy and motherhood is a time when you create your most treasured moments, so why not document your time?! Your little ones will love looking through them when they’re older too!

Liquid Yoga Space Spray


If you’re looking to create a calm and tranquil environment then this is the perfect assistant! Mio’s Liquid Yoga Space Spray is an instant mood changer and will help to defuse any unwanted anxiety or stress. Spray it on your pillows, rub it into your pulse points or even spritz it around the delivery suite, because this blend of essential oils will create an instant oasis of calm. This is one of our faves in the list of perfects gifts for pregnant women.

Why not team it up with our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak (it’s the perfect wind down routine before bed).

Emergency Chocolate


Cravings are a daily struggle! But if you pop these chocolate ‘pills’ into your pocket or bag, then cravings can be combated at any time of the day!

Spa Day


For the ultimate indulgence, a spa day is the perfect gift for pregnant women. Did you know that Mama Mio treatments are available in spas up and down the country? Why not give your body and mind a little pamper – it’s Christmas after all!

All of these gifts for pregnant women will help ease the added strain of growing a baby. December is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future, so enjoy it but most importantly take it easy!

Annie Buckley

Annie Buckley

Writer and expert