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What my mama taught me

What my mama taught me
Tilly Doody-Henshaw
Writer and expert5 years ago
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"Strong women. May we be them, may we raise them."

At Mama Mio, we like to recognise the achievements of women on a daily basis but we particularly like to recognise the achievements of our mamas.  Becoming a mother is one of the most special journeys any women can embark on and one of the biggest achievements of any mama's life.

To celebrate this year's Mother's Day, we asked our fellow mamas what the most valuable lesson their mama has taught them is.
She has taught me over the years to know my self-worth

“Throughout my childhood, I was fortunate enough to have my grandmother as my mother and perhaps one of the most important things that she has taught me over the years is to know my self-worth and how important it is to take care of myself. This is a big reason that I share different products with other women and mommas that have worked so well for me. I am passionate about helping others and hope that people gain something out of my blog/social media posts.”Brittany Beahm (@brittanybeahm)
One thing my mother taught me was to take things one day at a time

“One thing my mother taught me was to take things one day at a time. Looking back, I know being a stay at home mom could not have been easy. She had 4 kids and I RARELY heard her yell or get overly frustrated. She had so much patience. I did not inherit that patience, but her demeanour is something I truly admire and aspire to be like well, especially toward my own daughter. My mother rolled with the punches, dealing with issues as they popped up. She entrusted the future to God, and didn’t worry about what would come next … or at least she never let on that she did!”Delilah Loeppsky (@loeppskylife)
She taught me to be a female boss in a mans world

“My mother may be the strongest, smartest and hardest working woman that I know. She held down a full-time job as a Dean at a University while raising me as a single mom, until I was about the age of ten. She taught me to be a female boss in a mans world. That smart and savvy thinking outweighs physical beauty, but with that said, it’s ok to be beautiful too, but to make sure the inside matches the outside.My mom always emphasized the idea that following your dreams isn’t just an idea, but a tangible goal.. and to fully thrust yourself into the depths of making that dream a reality. She taught me that it’s ok to cry and have bad days... that those days are the ones that make us stronger and work harder on the good days. I don’t know where I’d be without her, but I do know that having had her as such a part of my life, I’m a much better woman.”Maria Breese (@mariabreese)


Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there, however you chose to celebrate, just remember you're doing just great. Growing a tiny human can be exhausting but you are embarking on one of the most important and exciting journeys of your life.

Tilly Doody-Henshaw
Writer and expert
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