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Mother’s Day Skincare Gift Sets To Help Mama Glow

Mother’s Day Skincare Gift Sets To Help Mama Glow
Heleayner Davies
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Looking for a special gift on Mother's Day? Well, you've come to the perfect place! If she's a new mama or mama-to-be, show her how much she's loved and adored with our range of the best Mother's Day skincare gift sets that'll make her glow from head-to-toe.

Whether you're looking for thoughtful first Mother's Day gift sets or Mother's Day skincare gift sets for expecting mamas, treat her to our expert pregnancy kits and bundles packed with our iconic Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex and nutrient-rich, plant-based actives so that she can put her feet up, relax and indulge in some self-care.So run her a bubble bath, prepare her favourite breakfast in bed and show Mama just how much she's appreciated...


Mother's Day skincare gift sets

1. Tummy Rub Routine

If you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day skincare gift set for your pregnant daughter, encourage her to take some time out of her busy day and spoil her with our ultra-nourishing Tummy Rub Routine. It contains 3 full-size products expertly created to help soothe and protect Mama's growing bump and boobs!

First, she can kick-off her Mother's Day pamper routine with our Tummy Rub Scrub; a gentle exfoliator that will buff away dryness, revealing silky smooth, glowing skin underneath whilst helping to polish and prep her skin so that it is ready to absorb all of that plant-based goodness. Next, she can choose between our bestselling Tummy Rub Butter and Tummy Rub Oil. Both clinically proven* to help protect against stretch marks, the only difference is down to the texture!

*Independent clinical trial

Mama in the know: If she's in her third trimester, use both products together and layer the butter over the oil for optimum stretch mark protection.

2. Pregnancy Essentials Kit

Searching for an extra special Mother's Day skincare gift set for expecting mums? You're in luck, because we have created the perfect gift for Mama's who have just found out they're expecting a little one. Our Pregnancy Essentials Kit is packed-full with our iconic Mama Mio favourites in petite form, so that she can start her pregnancy skincare journey as early as possible.

It contains our gentle yet super effective Tummy Rub Scrub, our Lucky Legs Cooling Gel to help cool and hydrate her tired, swollen legs and ankles. Our bestselling Tummy Rub Butter (how could we forget?) and finally, she can keep her growing boobs soothed and moisturised with our Pregnancy Boob Tube that will leave her girls feeling soft, comforted and less stressed!

*Independent clinical trial

3. Breast Friends

Speaking of 'breast stress', if you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day skincare gifts for new or pregnant mama's who are experiencing sore boobs and nipples (read here to find out why this happens during pregnancy) look no further than our Breast Friends kit. The ultimate self-care kit for sore, swollen boobs and nipples, this is the perfect Mother's Day gift as this duo will literally become her 'breast friends' in times of need!

Working together in perfect harmony, this kit contains our Boob Tube Bust Cream, supercharged with Aloe Vera and Cabbage Leaf Extract to hydrate and comfort boobs throughout breastfeeding or as they grow throughout her pregnancy. Next up is our Keep Calm Nipple Balm (as recommended by Cosmopolitan UK) a 100% natural, vegan blend of comforting oils and butters to help provide instant relief to sensitive, dry and chapped nipples during breastfeeding and the 9-month stre-e-tch! Also, there's no need to remove this product before baby latches on, as it is perfectly safe for breastfeeding!

4. Hospital Bag Bundle

If you're searching for Mother's Day skincare gifts for your wife or girlfriend who is about to start packing her hospital maternity bag, we've got you covered with our amazing Hospital Bag bundle! Ticking one more item off her hospital bag checklist, this set contains everything she will need to help keep her skin calm and soothed after the arrival of her little one (ones?)

First, she can cleanse her skin with our ultra-gentle Megamama Shower Milk. Perfect for her first post-birth shower or bath and packed with Vitamin E to help keep her skin nourished and fresh. If she's breastfeeding or just experiencing sore boobs, our vegan Keep Calm Nipple Balm is an absolute saviour for dry, chapped nipples and contains a vegetable substitute for medical grade lanolin (that our mama's think works better).*

*Tested on 56 non-pregnant but breastfeeding women with sore or dry nipples, in an independent consumer trial.

5. Trimester 4 Oil Bundle

After some thoughtful first Mother's Day skincare gift sets for a mama who has just given birth? Congratulate the new mama with our Trimester 4 Oil bundle to help her skin recover post-labour and keep her boobs, thighs and bump hydrated whilst helping to prevent against stretch marks (mama's can get them after baby, too). This is a super quick, yet effective routine as Mama will be busy bonding with her new little bundle (bundles?) of joy!

First, jump in the shower (or bath) and use Megamama Shower Milk to revive and refresh dry skin, leaving it feeling beautifully radiant and moisturised with a subtle citrus scent. Next, she can smooth our lightweight, silky Tummy Rub Oil over her bump and thighs morning and night to help keep her skin hydrated and radiant all day long. Finally, she can pop on some Keep Calm Nipple Balm during times of need when her girls are feeling a little sore and sensitive.

Mama in the know: For Mama's who prefer thick, buttery textures treat them to our Trimester 4 Butter bundle. Charged with the same powerful, plant-based ingredients, the only difference is the texture!

Heard about the importance of taking folic acid during pregnancy, mama? We explain the reasons why you should be taking it before and during your pregnancy for a healthy and happy mama and baby here. 


When you’re a new mum, ensure you take time for self care with our ultimate guide, here!

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Writer and expert
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