Things you should do after every workout

We’ve all experienced the post-workout hobble. On the day after leg day, going up and down stairs seems an impossible task – in fact some of the mio team had to crawl after our first team HIIT class! But after a stretching session (and a cup of tea) we were all back on our feet.

We made the mistake of ignoring these post-workout rituals, but trust us – it’s not worth it! Your workout doesn’t end after your last rep or step on the treadmill. Your cool down is important for muscle recovery and growth – plus it’ll help reduce recovery time so you can go harder for longer!

Our fitness gurus have revealed their post-workout rituals to care for your beautiful legs.

Light exercise

Whatever your chosen workout machine may be, after each session lower your speed and let your body recover. After the hard work you’ve just done, your body needs time to adjust. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but the worst thing you can do is come to a complete halt, so just keep moving…


To release the build-up of lactic acid, you must stretch! Simple legs stretches can ease will help your muscles recovery quicker, otherwise you’ll be left stiff in the morning. We’ve chosen our top three stretches to ensure your beautiful legs are in tip top condition.

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out, reach towards your toes and hold for 30 seconds.
  2. Open your legs to each side and each to one foot then the other and hold for 30 seconds each.
  3. Bring the soles of your feet together and rest your elbows on your knees, push gently and hold for a further 30 seconds.

Remember – Don’t push yourself too far! If it hurts, STOP!


If your muscles are burning – stop, drop and ROLL! By foam rolling those beautiful legs, it will reduce your recovery time and even help prevent injury. Not only has this, but foam rolling breaks up scar tissue which is essential for a healthy body and muscle growth.


The quicker you rehydrate after a yoga session or a spinning class is essential to muscle recovery. Forget fancy sports drinks; good old h20 can do the same job! However we do love coconut as a post-workout treat.

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