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Here’s How To Create The Perfect Baby Bath Time Routine

Here’s How To Create The Perfect Baby Bath Time Routine
Ellie Costain
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Bathing your baby is not only an essential part of your baby’s daily routine but it can be a lot of fun too! Splashing in the water is a great sensory experience and the perfect way for you to bond with baba.

However, if you’re a new parent, bath time can be a little nerve-wracking. But, don’t fret, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you create the perfect baby bath time routine using our NEW Beddy Byes Bath Milk...

Benefits Of Baby Bath Time  

Having a baby bath time routine is the perfect time for you to bond with your baby. By being totally focussed on bath time, you have uninterrupted time to enjoy the splashing, giggles and company – the perfect end to the day!  

Another great benefit of baby bath time it establishing a routine. As humans we can’t deny we’re all creatures of habit and love a good routine. Starting the evening routine with a bath, followed by a soothing baby massage then a nice story in bed, is the perfect basic evening routine to calm you and baby, ready for a good night's sleep. 

Best Time To Bath Baby  

Although babies don’t really need to be washed more than twice per week, we recommend making bath time an essential part of your evening routine. As adults, we know how comforting it is to have a bath and cosy up in a warm dressing gown or pyjamas and it’s no different for your baby! Keeping your baby warm and snug before bed in a cosy towel and baby grow will help prepare them feel safe, happy and ready for bed. 

baby bath time routine

Baby Bath Time Must Haves  

To make sure you have a smooth sailing bath time, before you begin, make sure you prepare everything you need.  

  • Baby Bath Tub: For newborns and smaller babies, their own smaller tub is recommended. Ensure the bath tub is on a slight angle and has a non-slip surface so your little one doesn’t slip under the water.  
  • Toys: Some babies love having a bath as part of their evening routine, but if your baba isn’t the biggest fan of the water, try getting some interactive toys specially for the bath! This way, baby can be distracted and entertained whilst getting their essential clean. 
  • Gentle Wash: For babies under 3 months, just water is perfect for their bath. Once your baby is over 3 months, introduce a sensitive baby wash to scrub all the grub away
  • Flannel: To help clean away the day, use a wet flannel to gently wash baby’s skin and hair. They're also great for helping lather the body wash! 
  • A Warm Hooded Towel: When babies are too cold, they can become uncomfortable and stressed. To help the transition from the warmth of the tub to the colder air, slightly warm the towel either in the dryer or on the radiator. Remember to make sure the towel isn’t too hot! A hooded towel is also perfect to keep them nice and cosy.

Baby Bath Time Routine 

  1. Keep your baby warm before bath time starts, wrapping them snug in a towel and getting the room warm beforehand will help baby feel safe and supported.
  2. Fill the bath or baby bath to about 8-10cm of warm water. The water should be around body temperature, test this by popping your elbow in the water, if it’s too hot or cold adjust accordingly. 
  3. Lower your baby slowly into the water, keep one arm behind their shoulders and neck and hold their outside arm with one hand. Keep your other hand under their bottom, once it’s resting on the floor of the bath, free this hand to wash them. 
  4. Use your hand to gently splash the water over your little one onto their body and hair. If baby is over 3 months old, work a little baby wash into a lather to get them squeaky clean.  
  5. Once you’re finished, pop your free hand underneath their bottom, lift up and place on a warm, clean towel. Make sure you have a tight grip, they’ll be slippery!  

Baby Bath Time With Mini

For little ones over 3 months old, create mini moments, full of care at bath time with our NEW Beddy Byes Bath Milk and Oh So Clean Foaming Wash.

Indulge in precious mini moments of care with our nourishing bath soak. Formulated by our dermatologists, this gentle soak creates a soft, milky bath that gently cleanses baby. Charged with our Skin Nurturing Complex and a protective blend of Shea, Avocado and Coconut Oils, this moisturising bath milk is the perfect addition to your baby bath time for an ultra-calming night-time routine.

Scrub the grub away with our gentle body cleanser. Perfect for grubby baby skin, our Paediatrician approved body wash is powered by our Skin Nurturing Omega Complex and protecting Vitamin E, to nourish and protect baby's skin leaving it clean, soft and moisturised.

Have you tried a perineal massage? Explore everything you need to know about this pre-birth massage, here!

Ellie Costain
Writer and expert
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