Which sleep position is best while pregnant? | Sleep Tips with Sammy Margo

One of the biggest things pregnant women worry about is finding the right sleep position. Whether it’s for your own comfort or for the baby’s wellbeing, you want to know which sleeping position is best when pregnant. Especially if you have been suffering with pregnancy insomnia!

We’ve teamed up with sleep expert Sammy Margo to answer all your questions on which is the best position for a peaceful night’s rest…

Which Sleep Position Is Best While Pregnant?

The best sleep position during pregnancy is to sleep on your side, from week 22 especially. Overall, this is the comfiest and safest position for you and baby. Various studies have suggested that sleeping on your left side is most beneficial, as it helps improve blood circulation and relieves extra pressure on your liver. But the studies are quite inconclusive, so either side is okay!

Can I Sleep On My Stomach During Pregnancy?

During the first trimester of pregnancy, sleeping on your stomach is fine. However obviously as your bump and baby grow, it becomes very uncomfortable and presses on your expanding uterus. Not to mention your tender boobs, too.

Can Sleeping Position Cause Stillbirth?

Recent research has shown that what position you fall asleep in is most important. A study found that the risk of stillbirth doubles if a woman falls asleep on her back during their third trimester. It’s thought that the pressure on blood vessels and organs can restrict the flow of oxygen to the baby, as well as cause the baby to be less active. So make sure that as you go to sleep, you’re on your side.

What If I Wake Up On My Back?

Don’t worry! The focus is on when you are falling asleep. Whether it’s a daytime nap or before bed, just take a few moments to settle yourself on your side. Strategically place pillows behind you, as this will help you from turning during the night. If you do wake up on your back, just check your sleep position and go back to sleep on your side.

How Do I Get Comfortable?

Pillows are the best way to get comfy – use underneath your tummy and between your knees to provide extra support. To help ease heartburn, prop yourself into a half-sitting position, as this keeps stomach acid down. You might want to invest in a pregnancy pillow, which has been specifically designed to help ease aches and pains in joints and alleviate pressure.

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