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Mio’s Mother’s Day Gift Box

Annie Buckley
Writer and expert8 years ago
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We took a quick office survey and asked the Mio mums what they would actually like this Mother's Day and here is what they came up with...

Those mums with babies and toddlers said: 

1.  "10 minutes peace and quiet".

2. "To have some time to myself to wash my hair or maybe read a magazine (let's be real, there is no way I'm ever going to be able get through a whole book!)".

3. "To be able to eat some sweets or chocolate without having to share!". 

Those mums with older children said:

1. "For my children to come over and spend some time with me".

2. "For someone to take over some house chores for a day".

3. "To have someone cook a meal for me.".

Notice how the mums with toddlers want their kids to go away for a little while and the mums with older children want them to actually come and visit? So distance clearly does make the heart grow fonder!


Based on our office survey, we've created the perfect Mother's Day gift box which you can put together for your mum!

Mio's Mother's Day Gift Box:

Mio Mother's Day Gift Pack

Liquid Yoga: To give your mum some peace and quiet we've included a bottle of Liquid Yoga which is designed to make you feel like you're in a state of zen! Hopefully this 'zen tonic' full of essential oils, mineral salts and herbs helps to relax your mum!

Magazine: We know it's sometimes impossible for our mums to take a break to read a full book so we've included a magazine that they will be able to read while enjoying their bath.

The Activist:  After a good soak in the bath, your mum will need some good moistuiser! We've added in the The Activist antioxidant body oil which helps to seals in vital moisture for strong, supple skin.

Chocolates: All of them are for your mum! (Unless she offers to share them with you!).

Flowers: A little cliche but it's ALWAYS nice to receive flowers! No matter how many times a girl/ women/ mother tells you that they don't 'need' flowers, we all know that we like receiving them!

Wishing all the Mio mum's out there are very Happy Mother's Day!

The Mio Team x

Annie Buckley
Writer and expert
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