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Lauren Luxton Writes A Letter To Her Future 16 Year-Old Son, Arthur

Lauren Luxton Writes A Letter To Her Future 16 Year-Old Son, Arthur
Annie Buckley
Writer and expert3 years ago
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To honour our 16th Birthday this month, we have asked some of our Mamahood to write a letter to their future 16-year-old son or daughter; to delve into the hopes and dreams they have for them. We're kicking the 'With Love Mama' series off this week with our fellow Mama, Lauren Luxton...

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Lauren's Letter To Her Son, Arthur

Dear Arthur,

From terrible two to sweet 16, time is passing by too fast. I swing wildly from wanting you to do and say all these new things, to wishing I could stop time and keep you little for just a bit longer. And now I’m here imagining you’re 16. A young man. A teenager. An adult. And whilst the world around us is changing all the time, the pride I have in being your Mummy will never, ever alter. Your first word was no. And it look you months to say anything more! I’m pretty sure this stubborn streak will have stayed with you throughout your life and whilst I know you love me, I’d imagine you’re probably great at coming in from school, chucking your bag at the bottom of the stairs and grunt at me when I ask how your day was!

But whilst you have your moody streak, you’re also the most loving boy, the life and soul of the party with a magnetic personality. All your mates will want to come to Arthur’s house and I can’t wait to pester you and the lads every five minutes, wanting to know if you need another snack! And whilst you’ll roll your eyes, you’ll secretly be dead pleased that you and your friends have so much fun at our house.

with love mama lauren luxton
Lauren, Matt & Arthur

I want so much for you; friendship, true love with whomever you choose, to be surrounded by a loving family, to be ambitious and conscientious. To understand that in order to get what you want, you must work hard for it. I want you to be kind; one of my proudest moments of being your mum for the past 28 months is when you came home from nursery with a sticker for being kind and I hope you’re always that way. I hope you inherit my love of clothes and start wearing hats because right now, you refuse to wear one and I think they’d look great on you. I hope you inherit your Dad’s love of golf, mostly because it’ll be less hassle for the entire family if you do; your Dad will only nag you for a round every weekend until you cave in! I hope you inherit our love of travelling and want to see the world – I can’t wait to hear of all the adventures you’ll have.

You’re never allowed to stop giving me a cuddle or a kiss as you leave the house. Be safe, be responsible and make good choices; your Dad and I will always be here to support you and listen to you when you need to talk. You just keep doing you Arthur Peter. You are the centre of our world and always will be. I just hope that when you’re 16, we’ll still be at the centre of yours (even if you don’t show it!).

I love you endlessly, my forever baby boy.

Mummy xxx



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Annie Buckley
Writer and expert
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