Why Do I Have Postpartum Hair Loss And What Can I Do About It?

Your body changes in so many ways during pregnancy, and one of the most amazing (maybe superficial, but still incredible!) ways is your hair. Chances are during pregnancy you’ll have found yourself with gorgeously glamorous flowing locks that Rapunzel would be jealous of. Higher levels of oestrogen during pregnancy prolongs the growing stage of the hair cycle, meaning there are fewer hairs in the resting stage. This basically means there are fewer hairs falling out, leaving Mamas with tresses they thought only possible through extensions.

Unfortunately for us however, all good things must come to an end. Although it’s rarely spoken about, around 3 months after giving birth as your hormones return to normal, a lot of women find their hair shedding leaving them with thinning locks and occasionally bald patches. If you’re one of these Mamas- don’t worry- it’s entirely normal. Read on for why you’re suffering from postpartum hair loss and what you can do to help your hair return to normal.

Why am I suffering from postpartum hair loss?

During pregnancy your hormone levels rocket, then after giving birth they slowly return to normal. As your oestrogen levels off, a large amount of your hair follicles will enter the resting stage of the hair cycle. It is in this resting stage that your hair sheds. Because during pregnancy your hair had stopped shedding, it now seems as if your hair is falling out a rapid rates. Whilst these hair follicles are in the resting stage and as they first enter the growing stage your hair can look and feel thinner. This is postpartum hair loss. It can be disheartening, but try to remember postpartum hair loss is common and it is temporary.

So what can I do whilst I wait for my hair to return to its normal growth cycle?

  • Experiment with different hairstyles. Whether that’s a haircut, strategic braids or a new parting you can work to hide what you wish to be hidden.
  • Keep your hair healthy by eating foods which are rich in omegas, protein, vitamin c and iron. Feeding your hair from the inside out is essential for growing and maintaining strong, luscious locks.
  • Be extra-gentle with your hair. Don’t tug at knots too aggressively and use scrunchies or invisibobbles instead of elastic hair ties to protect your already delicate tresses.
  • Whenever possible avoid blow-drying and style your hair with heat and try to avoid any chemical treatments such as bleaching or perming until the shedding has resided.
  • Intense Hair Care. Although this postpartum hair loss is temporary you can get ahead of the game and speed up your hair re-growth. Grow Gorgeous Hair Care have an intense range of products, cater made for those who have suffered with hair loss. The unique, formula of their Hair Growth Serum Intense contains a complex blend of 7 technologies which work together to help your hair appear visibly longer, thicker and fuller looking. This concentrated serum works within eight days to visibly improve hair length. What makes it great for hair loss it that it also increases hair density by 13% over the course of four months. Grow Gorgeous recommends using it with their Hair Density Shampoo and Conditioner for the best results.

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