The Exercise Fix | Exercise During Pregnancy

One of the hardest parts of pregnancy we found was our fatigue! We literally had no energy to do anything. Exercise during pregnancy is easier said than done, but there are SO many benefits that light exercise can have on your body and baby’s development.

On the other hand, if you’re already fitness fanatic you may find it hard to dial back the intensity and let your body naturally change. So we’ve listed the best way to ensure that you’re keeping active and getting enough exercise during pregnancy – plus we explore all the lovely benefits too!


What’s not to love about walking? Even when it’s raining outside, we love stepping out the house just to see what’s going on in everyone else’s world! When you hit the third trimester, it’ll be harder to manoeuvre your body than ever before and if you’re a keen runner you may have to slow the pace to a brisk walk.


There’s nothing better than taking the added weight off those over worked feet, and there’s no better way to do that than swimming! Head down to your local swimming pool and slip in because you’ll instantly feel the relief.

Also why not try our Lucky Legs Cooling Gel to keep your feet feeling as light as a feather even when they become swollen and heavy.


Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is an amazing way to prepare both your body and mind for labour and delivery. It helps increase your flexibility and widen your pelvis for when you need it most! Also it helps to ensure that you’re spending time focusing on YOU!

Have you seen our 7 day prenatal yoga challenge? Our lovely pregnant yoga instructor @YogiSmithUK demonstrates her favourite prenatal yoga poses – perfect for beginners!

 Maintain a healthy weight

It’s essential for both you and your baby’s health that you maintain a healthy weight and exercising during pregnancy can help you do just that!

So what are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy?

Better night’s sleep

Sleepless nights should be kept for when your little one arrives so why not burn any unwanted energy by diving in and having an evening swim.

Prepare your body and mind for the demands of labour and birth

As we’ve said already, yoga is an amazing exercise during pregnancy as it helps to set up your body and mind for the demands of childbirth – so what you are waiting for? Check out our 7 day prenatal yoga challenge!

Helps you understand the changes happening to your body

Most importantly, it helps you to focus on YOU! Take the time out each day to understand the changes happening to your body. Yes you may not be able to do everything you used to do, but that’s ok because you’re growing a mini miracle – it’s all worth it!

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