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5 Tips for Being Pregnant in Summer

5 Tips for Being Pregnant in Summer
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert2 years ago
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How's it going, Mama? There's no denying that final str-e-tch can be tough, especially if it falls during the warmest time of the year. If your last weeks carrying baby manage to dodge the summer-time, count yourself lucky, being heavily pregnant in summer is a task on it's own! The extra weight, swelling and sweating are enough without a blazing sun being added to the mix.

However, if you do find that your final trimester falls during this time of year, fear not! We've got some tips for you to beat that heat, Mama!

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Stay hydrated whilst pregnant in summer

With morning sickness, regular bathroom-trips, and pregnancy sweat, you may find yourself thirstier than usual. This is why it's so important to remember to stay hydrated throughout your journey carrying baby, especially during the summer.

The rule of thumb is to drink one eight-ounce glass of water for each hour you are outdoors in the hot weather. But don't over-do it, Mama! Too much water will dilute your electrolytes, which we don't want. Mix it up with some coconut water, milk, smoothies or sports drinks. These will help to replace the electrolytes that you're sweating out of your body.

If you start to get bored of all the liquids, snack on ice lollies or watermelon!

Soothe pregnant swollen ankles and feet

The next thing we need to consider being pregnant in summer is, of course, the swelling. Swollen ankles and feet when pregnant are a given, and we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the heat of the sun may worsen this! Luckily, with summer comes flip-flops and sandals, so you can let your feet breathe.

Other things you can do to soothe the swollen ankles and feet in summer include:

  1. Lie down and rest for half an hour to an hour during the day.
  2. Keep the legs elevated during the night by placing a rolled-up towel at the foot of the bed.
  3. Try some regular, low-impact exercise like yoga or walking two to three times a week in the morning or evening.
  4. Massage some Mama Mio Lucky Legs Cooling Gel onto the ankles and feet. This will help to calm and relieve the puffiness in these areas.

Keeping cool in summer when pregnant

While you're carrying baby in your tummy, your body temperature is already teetering onto the higher side. This along with the added heat from the sun means that keeping cool when pregnant is a little more difficult in the summer!

Some ways you can get that body temperature down and keep cool is by dabbing a damp washcloth to the back of your neck, forehead, or the top of your head.

Another way to relieve that heat is by going for a dip! Going for a swim will not only cool you down, it will take the weight and pressure off your feet and legs.

Lastly, it's time to take out the pregnancy pants. Think loose cotton and linen fabrics. The looser, the breezier, the better, Mama!

How to cope with pregnancy sweat

As we mentioned already, you may have found that pregnancy sweat is a real thing. To cope with this extra perspiration during the summer, make sure to drink plenty of fluids- both water and liquids with electrolytes.

The breathable fabrics like linen and cotton will also help you to cope with this sweat. They'll keep you cool in the summer and stop any uncomfortable rubbing and chafing.

Lastly, use an aluminium free-deodorant. These deodorants are pregnancy safe and help to naturally protect your underarms from dryness throughout the day to support your natural bodily function.

Avoid midday sun

Finally, try to avoid the midday sun as much as possible. With baby in your tummy, you may be more prone to sunburn than usual. When you do go out in the sun, use a high SPF sunscreen, and we mean high, Mama! Try and limit your time in the sun to short bursts only. Staying in a cool, shaded environment is always best.

Having said all of this, being pregnant in summer comes with its perks. Just think, there's no need to fork out on a maternity winter coat or worry about those dreaded icy pavements! Now that you know our top summer pregnancy tips, you can feel a little more prepared coming into those warmer months. Don't sweat it Mama, you can beat the heat!


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