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8 Tips For Exercising During Pregnancy

8 Tips For Exercising During Pregnancy
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Regular exercise will help you have an easier pregnancy and give you more stamina to cope with labour, and a much better chance of getting your body back afterwards!

If you’re fit, you're more likely to get back into shape after the birth and have more energy to cope with the demands when your little one arrives.

If you don't usually exercise, then you should start now, unfortunately pregnancy isn't an excuse to stop! If you already had an exercise routine, then check with your midwife or doctor that it's okay to continue with it, otherwise start a workout routine based on our tips below, or attend regular antenatal workout classes instead. Don't forget to ease off your workout intensity as your pregnancy advances.

So, we've put together 8 tips for exercising during pregnancy.

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8 tips for exercising during pregnancy

1. Stop if you feel faint or breathless

2. Always wear a well fitted sports bra

3. Exercise at a gentle pace

4. Don’t push yourself

5. If you attend classes or go to the gym, tell your instructor that you are pregnant, or attend antenatal classes

6. Start to reduce the amount of exercise you do as your pregnancy advances

7. Never skip the warm-up or cool down stretches

8. Some yoga poses are not suitable for pregnancy so always check with your teacher or go to a prenatal class

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