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5 Amazing Pregnancy Facts You (Maybe) Never Knew

5 Amazing Pregnancy Facts You (Maybe) Never Knew
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Amazing Pregnancy Facts

Being pregnant is amazing and miraculous enough as it is however there's also some things that happen to your body during pregnancy that are extra incredible. See our favourite amazing pregnancy facts below.

You Grow A NEW Organ

Yep, you grow your placenta during pregnancy which is a brand new organ- amazing! Your placenta is the ultimate multi-taskmaster-it passes oxygen and nutrients from your blood stream to your growing baby, protects your little one from infections and removes their waste products such as CO2. By the time your baby is born your placenta will weigh almost 1.5lbs!

Your Womb Holds A Pint Of Water

Before getting pregnant your womb is around the size of a pear. By the time baby is ready to make their appearance in the world? It's the size of a watermelon! A watermelon that is holding a baby and at least a pint of water- growing to almost 14 times it's original size.

Blood Volume Increases

Did you know that the total volume of blood in your body when you're pregnant increases by more than 50%! Isn't nature amazing? Your heart is also beating 10-20 more times per minute than it did before you were pregnant.

Brain Changes

Pregnancy brain got you super confused, leaving shoes in the fridge or almost forgetting your own name? There's actually a scientific reason you're feeling so absent minded. When you're pregnant your brain function actually changes to increase the activity in the side of the brain that is associated with emotional skills. The theory behind this is that it is your brain is ensuring you're neurologically wired to your baby's emotions at birth to make you and your little one bond more easily. So don't worry mamas- pregnancy brain might be driving you (and others!) a little crazy but it's nothing to worry about.

 Baby Developments

Did you know by week 18 of pregnancy your baby can hear you? Your little one's ears will have fully developed, so play them some music, talk to them frequently and watch what you say! By week 20 your baby will have also developed their taste buds- meaning they can taste what you've had to eat in the umbilical fluid. Let those pregnancy facts be enough motivation to cut down on the swearing and up the amount of tasty foods you eat. Some experts believe that it may reduce the chances of your baby being a fussy eater once born.

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