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New Year, New mama: Exercise During Pregnancy

New Year, New mama: Exercise During Pregnancy
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New year always brings along a focus to be a little healthier and feel a little better. However with a beach ball sized bump protruding from your front you might not be feeling particularly graceful, flexible or full of energy. In fact exercise during pregnancy might be the furthest thing from your idea of fun. That being said gentle exercise can actually be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself (and therefore your baby!) during your pregnancy.

Walk it Off

Super easy to incorporate into your every day and a great excuse to escape your house and get some fresh air. It may not seem like much but it'll help improve your aerobic fitness and get that heart beating! Exercise can help increase your energy levels and aid your sleep pattern to stop you feeling tried and sluggish during pregnancy.

Yogi Mama

We've said this many a time but pilates and yoga are amazing ways to get in touch with both your mind and body, especially when you're pregnant and can even help you prepare for birth.

Take a look at our 7 day prenatal yoga challenge for some amazing exercises that are perfectly pregnancy safe.


It's time to get paddling! If you're going to only do one type of exercise during pregnancy let it be swimming. Exercising in water will support your bump and take the weight of your growing baby. It can also be amazing for your circulation as the pressure of the water stimulates your blood flow and can help reduce that pesky swelling. It'll also keep your abdominal muscles strong to help you bounce back once baby arrives.


As your baby grows and grows you'll start to experience aches and pains in places you never knew possible so it's super important to stretch during pregnancy. It helps relieve tensions, keeps you  nimble and chases away those pregnancy aches. Help look after weary legs and achy backs and take a look at our top five stretches for pregnancy here! 

Safety First

If you exercise during pregnancy it can not only lift your spirit and keeps you nimble- it can even prepare you for labour! However you've got to remember- safety first for both you and your baby. Always check with your doctor or midwife before starting a new exercise regime, make sure you get enough calories, drink plenty of water and don't over do it! See our top tips for exercising safely here! Many gyms offer prenatal gym classes which help make sure you're exercising safely and effectively.

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Writer and expert
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