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5 Ways to Prevent Swelling During Pregnancy

5 Ways to Prevent Swelling During Pregnancy
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5 Ways to Prevent Swelling During Pregnancy

Did you know when you're pregnant you produce a third more blood? Plus a whole load of extra body fluids? This is to help soften the body so it can expand as your little one grows , it also helps the pelvic joints and tissues open for delivery. Which all sounds good, right? And it is, but this extra load of fluids in the body can cause that pesky swelling that a lot of pregnant mamas find themselves with. Take a look at our favourite ways to prevent swelling during pregnancy and help banish those dreaded cankles.

Stay Hydrated

Our top tip? Stay hydrated. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, although this may mean a few extra tips to the bathroom it will help flush out toxins, sodium and waste products from the body and therefore minimise swelling. So it's worth it! Keep an eye on caffeine and salt levels to help prevent water retention and keep that pesky swelling at bay.

Put Your Feet Up

Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to put your feet up! Gravity is working against you and that's why many of you will find that your ankles and feet are the most swollen. Try to pop your feet up so they're rested higher than your chest to give your heart  little extra helping hand in pumping that extra blood to your extremities.  Do your best not to cross your legs as this reduces blood flow. Wear compression tights, comfy shoes and avoid tight straps or pinching.

Pep Up Your Pins

Our Lucky Legs Cooling Gel is the quick-fix answer to your swollen feet and cankles. Lucky Legs includes ingredients such as Ginger Root to invigorate, Murumuru Seed Butter to relieve and hydrate, Arnica Montana Flower Extract a traditional botanical, and Organic Coconut Oil all which combine to create the super soothing benefits of Lucky Legs. With a slight tingling feeling this cooling gel helps pep up your pins whenever you need a little bit of extra relief, simply massage into legs, feet and ankles.

The Perfect Excuse for a Massage

Sore and swollen feet whilst pregnant? If there's ever a reason to get a foot massage this is it!

Get Moving

Resting and raising your feet is super important to prevent swelling during pregnancy but so is keeping moving. Make sure you keep on the move at regular intervals to improve blood circulation, prevent cramping and reduce swelling. We recommend trying some super easy foot exercises you can do whilst standing or even sitting. Simply rotate your foot in circles 10 times clockwise and then 10 times anti-clockwise on both feet to get that blood flowing.

However mama, remember if swelling happens suddenly in your face, feet or hands do contact your doctor immediately just to be sure everything is all a-okay. Sudden swelling can sometimes be a sign of pre-elcampsia. Although most women find they swell up during pregnancy it's always best to be safe.

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