How To Love Your Pregnant Body

Being pregnant is amazing however you’re probably either looking forward to seeing your body change as your baby grows or you’re absolutely dreading those unpredictable changes. If you’re one of those mamas who can’t help but feel like pregnancy has left your body feeling a little unrecognisable we’ve put together our top tips on how to love your pregnant body.

Embrace Your Bump

Pregnancy is a miracle in itself and that gorgeous bump of yours is something you should fully embrace. Highlight that bump in a fitted ensemble and pose for a pregnancy photo shoot to document it- both easy ways to help you love your pregnant body.

Stay Active

Keep that body moving! Although exercise might be the last thing on your mind right now it can actually boost your energy levels, de-stress the mind and help you sleep better at night. Plus exercise helps promote muscle tone and strength- so if you are hoping to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body post baby you’re already on track.


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Look After Your Skin

As your pregnancy progresses you may find that your skin gets becomes dry and flaky, naughty hormonal breakouts that you haven’t experienced since you were in braces make an unexpected appearance and your tummy has become taut and itchy. Our super safe skincare has a product to solve everyone of your pregnancy skincare woes, ensuring you look and feel your best. Stretch marks are a baby making badge of honour but they can make you feel bad about your body. Try our award-winning Tummy Rub Butter to keep stretch marks at bay, plus it’s amazing for preventing that tight itchiness.

Don’t Be Hasty

Feeling frumpy, hormonal and just not yourself? The urge to make a dramatic transformation may threaten to take over but resist! Try not to make drastic changes to your appearance, you already look gorgeous- we promise!- so suddenly cutting off your luscious pregnancy locks for ease might be a decision you come to regret in the very near future.

Connect With Baby

Talk to your bump, play your baby music and remember your little miracle is growing inside you. Once you’ve associate those crazy changes with your baby not just a bump it’ll help you love your pregnant body even more. After all the bigger you get the closer you are to meeting your little one.

No matter what remember these changes are happening because you’re growing a mini-miracle! Wear your baby bump with pride and no matter what you’ll look and feel amazing!

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