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Pregnant at Christmas: How to Enjoy the Festive Season

Pregnant at Christmas: How to Enjoy the Festive Season
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Despite being one of the most wonderful times of the year Christmas can be stressful and a little overwhelming. Put being pregnant on top of that and you may be wishing that this particular holiday would just pass by. We're here to reassure you that just because you’re pregnant at Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and indulge a little this festive season.

Adapt Your Social Life

Last festive season may have involved a few too many tipples with the girls, although that's no longer an option it doesn't mean you cant have a social life this Christmas. A trip to the Christmas Markets, a dinner party or a girly pamper night are all ways to catch up with friends and make the most of a little time off.

Pace Yourself

Whether it's Christmas shopping, cooking up a storm, decorating the tree or just catching up on chores you need to remember to take it easy. That being said being pregnant is exhausting no matter what you do. Have our Lucky Legs on hand, put your feet up and soothe weary heavy legs and swollen feet.

Accept Help and Delegate

Don’t insist on doing everything yourself. It may be the way you’ve always done things and you pride yourself on being the perfect hostess but this year you’re pregnant at Christmas and you need to relax.  You can do everything but that doesn’t mean that you have to!  If that means asking relatives to bring a dish each to Christmas dinner or your partner has to pick up the slack when it comes to housework then so be it!

Take time to unwind

So you’ve delegated, now what? Put your feet up, take some time out and relax.  Watch a Christmas movie or take a bath to ensure you get that much needed pamper. For the ultimate relaxation experience light our Liquid Yoga Candle, play some seasonal music and breathe deeply for pure calm and instant zen. Have little me-time and enjoy yourself this Christmas.


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