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Why Being Pregnant at Christmas is The Best

Why Being Pregnant at Christmas is The Best
Writer and expert7 years ago
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OK so let’s be honest here, for those of us who love a champagne toast not being able to drink during the festive season can be a real downer. That being said you can still get into the festive spirit without indulging in those festive spirits. In fact being pregnant at Christmas can be amazing. Take a look at our top 5 reasons why being pregnant at Christmas is the best and get excited for the holidays.

Indulge in Cravings

It's Christmas so there's amazing food everywhere and you're pregnant meaning now is the time to remind everyone that you're eating for two. Wear you comfiest, stretchiest maternity pants and make sure to go back for seconds (or thirds) and embrace the fact that you wont be worrying about losing weight come January. Use nausea as an excuse to avoid the food you don't fancy without causing offence and indulge in your favourites for the ultimate Christmas dinner experience.

Put Your Feet Up

Cleaning up after your extended family is one of the worst parts of Christmas, hand washing the dishes that don't fit in the dishwasher and picking up the mess that the kids have left on the floor. When you're pregnant at Christmas you shouldn't have to lift a finger let alone crawl around on the floor picking up miscellaneous peas or discarded party hats. When someone insists that you sit down and relax take them up on it, and put your feet up.

Get those Compliments

You're probably the biggest you've ever been, your back hurts and your ankles are swollen, you're self conscious that your party dress, unlike last year, isn't very slinky instead it vaguely resembles a tent. However people are telling you that you look gorgeous, glowing and radiant. Take the compliments and believe them! Let this Christmas be one where you both look and feel amazing!

Channel your Emotions

Pregnancy has made you a soppy mess. You are that stereotypical weepy pregnant woman. You cry when your favourite jeans no longer fit, when someone holds a door open for you and lets not even talk about videos of cute puppies. Christmas 'tis the season for nostalgic, soppy films, adverts and TV shows so channel those emotions and embrace having the perfect excuse for a sentimental cry fest.

Put Your Nesting Instinct To Good Use

As your pregnancy progresses your 'nesting'instinct can kick in. The uncontrollable urge to clean your house and organise loose ends to make sure your life is as prepared as possible for your new baby. Put those nesting instincts to good use this Christmas and turn your home into a winter wonderland. That way next year you'll be prepared for your baby to have the best first Christmas ever.

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