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Throwing a shower has become a rite of passage for babies, and with the traditionally American trend becoming increasingly popular in the UK, there no time like the present to jump on board! We hope this baby shower checklist will help you plan, organise and enjoy your baby’s first ever bash!

What Is A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by ‘showering’ the mother with gifts at a party. For any expectant mother, the baby shower is an exciting event in the pregnancy calendar! But what actually happens at a baby shower? For most it’s unknown territory, so we’re here to clear a few things up!

The baby shower usually consists of good food, funny games, more food, and then lot of presents – sounds like the perfect day to us! It doesn’t have to break the bank, a buffet or a variety of snacks to replenish guests will be more than enough – it all depends on the time of day your party is held, something that we will touch upon in a minute.

As for games, the more creative the better! Keep your guests entertained by having a variety of activities that are interactive and imaginative. Although the classic guess the weight, gender and date games are a must!

Who Comes To The Baby Shower?

If you’re wondering who throws the baby shower – it’s NOT you! As a mother-to-be, this is the time for you to sit back and R-E-L-A-X! Your only job is to be the gracious gift recipient – sounds like heaven right?! If you’re worried that no one will offer to throw you one (though it’s highly unlikely) speak to your friends or a close female relative and ask if they will take the reins. I’m sure they will be more than happy to oblige!

Traditionally, the baby shower is a girl’s only zone, but that is totally up to you. Most people only invite close friends and family, but make sure that you go over the guest list to avoid missing important people out!

When Should You Have A Baby Shower?

Setting a date is a main priority in the baby shower checklist! It usually occurs in the third trimester although some choose to host the party AFTER the baby is born! Whatever the date of the party, the reason for getting everyone together will remain the same; to celebrate the (impending) arrival of a beautiful baby!

An afternoon affair is probably the best time of day for a baby shower to be held. Remember, an expectant mother will be tired and she can’t drink so make sure that is taken into account!

Where Should You Have A Baby Shower?

Next on the baby shower check list is to lock down a location. Ideally the shower won’t be held at the mum-to-be’s house because this is her time to relax! If you are organising the event, ask around your friendship group or if you’re really stuck why not try your local village/church hall?

So there you have it, our simple baby shower checklist! We think that these are fundamentals of any successful shower, but make sure you follow our Instagram @MamaMioSkincare and Pinterest @MamaMioSkincare for quirky Baby Shower Ideas!

Olga Kasprzyk

Olga Kasprzyk

Writer and expert