Hospital Bag Essentials

Congrats mama, you’ve made it to the final s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Giving birth can be a little overwhelming, so you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. Leaving packing your hospital bag till after your waters break- not ideal! Breathe easy, we’ve got your hospital bag essentials all in one easy  list, to ensure you’re prepped to push… and ready to pop!

 Mama’s Hospital Bag Essentials

o A rough birthing plan, although nothings set in stone it’s nice to have a rough plan of action, which pain meds would you ideally want, who do you want in the room,. These things might change, but it’s good to have something in mind.
o Slippers, easy to just pop on around the ward
o Cotton socks, there’s no chance to back out… don’t go getting cold feet
o Pillows, make yourself feel at home
o Wet wipes to freshen up
o mama mio’s Hospital Bag Skincare Essentials bundle! With a Keep Calm Nipple Balm to support and protect sore nipples post-birth (perfect if you’re breastfeeding) and the Megamama Shower Milk to moisturise and soothe your skin, ideal for that first shower after giving birth.

o A towel, the hospitals ones tend to either be non-existent, or paper thin
o Snacks- although there is a hospital shop its always better to have your favourites to hand
o Your phone, a charger and any other electronics you may need to keep you occupied
o Hairbrush & hair tie- no one wants hair in your mouth
o Toothbrush and toothpaste
o Nursing Bra, a whole lot comfier and so much more convenient for when baby arrives
o X2 packs of maternity/ sanitary pads, complete necessities post birth
o Big comfy knickers, choose some you don’t mind throwing away
o Any makeup or toiletries you feel you need
o Nightdress or top, front opening one makes it easier for skin to skin contact as breastfeeding

For baby…

o x4 sets of new-born clothing, suited to the season.
o X3 vests or onesies to be born as inner-wear
o 1 pair of socks or booties
o 1 new-born hat 1 pair of mittens
o Blanket
o Car seat (although you won’t fit this in your bag, it’s a legal requirement to have a correctly fitted car seat to take your new-born home in.
o Muslin square/baby blanket
o Baby wipes/ wet wipes
o New-born nappies

For your birthing partner…

o A change of clothes and their own toiletries
o Cash and small change for parking, vending machines, snacks etc.
o Watch or timer with a second hand clock to help with contractions
o Any medical papers or insurance papers you need
o Camera of some kind, whether that’s a phone, iPad or camcorder
o Snacks and drinks

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