10 Baby Picture Ideas for Baby’s First Day

Baby’s first day will seem like a complete blur to everyone involved, regardless of whether the labour lasts 36 hours or 36 minutes. There is so much going and so many new experiences for everyone that it’s hard to take everything in. Sometimes it can take looking back at photos of the day to prompt memories of things you had forgotten.

Before entrusting a friend or relative with your camera to capture those first precious moments, be sure to give them this list of our 10 baby picture ideas for baby’s first day so that you don’t miss out on anything and will be able to treasure those moments forever.

1. Mum holding baby

Is there a more precious moment than the first time a mum meets her child? After carrying them for nine months, meeting your baby for the first time is such a special, emotional moment and should definitely be top of the list of pictures to take on the first day!

2. Dad meeting baby

Don’t forget about dad. He’s been there the whole way too, from feeling baby kicking for the first time, to painting the bedroom for baby, putting the cot together, and not complaining when mum squeezed his hand really hard during labour. This moment is special for him too, so be sure to capture it.

3. Photo with mum and dad

Two has become three and nothing will ever be the same as it was. Capture those first moments together as a family as this moment is definitely one that will be cherished forever by all of you.

4. Meeting an older sibling

If this isn’t your first child, get a photo of the first time they meet their older sibling. Time will fly by and sooner than you’d like they’ll be bickering constantly so be sure to hold on to this photo for those times when it seems like the fighting will never stop.

5. Meeting the grandparents

This is a proud day for grandparents too. It’s in the job description of a grandparent to spoil their grandchildren rotten, so capture their first glimpse of what will begin a lifetime of unconditional love.

6. Grasping a finger

The palmar grasp reflex might be a primitive reflex, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cute! Seeing how tiny a new-born’s hand is compared to yours will never get old. They won’t stay this little for long so take a photo that you can treasure forever.

7. Baby’s feet

There’s something inexplicably sweet about a baby’s feet. Who knows where these tiny feet will travel in their lifetime but right now they’re totally reliant on you, so take a picture to remind yourself of how dependent they were once when they’re out exploring the big, wide world.

8. First deep sleep

That peaceful image of your baby in their first deep sleep is something you may want to reflect back on a few weeks later when you’re up at all hours of the night! A sleeping baby is such an sweet, innocent picture.

9. Baby’s first outfit

You’ve probably been inundated with baby clothes as gifts, or even bought loads yourself, but it will be nice to remember the first outfit you dressed your baby in. It won’t be long before you realise that dressing them nicely is futile because everything gets messy in the end!

10. First funny face

There’s a lifetime ahead of funny faces for your little one, but this first one will definitely be one to bring out on their eighteenth birthday!

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