How To Use Our New Lucky Legs Cooling Spray To Soothe Swollen Pins

Discover the new addition to the Lucky Legs family for cooling down your swollen legs and ankles from day 1 to 280…


When should I use the new Lucky Legs Cooling Spray?

The beauty of our new Lucky Legs Refreshing Spritz is that you can use it effortlessly throughout your entire pregnancy! Designed with 360° pump technology, the nozzle works even when tilted upside down, so you can spray away at all angles. For mamas who are struggling to reach their feet over their growing bump, this is revolutionary! No more stretching and straining – simply hold the bottle and spray until your heart’s content. With the same cooling formula as our original Lucky Legs Cooling Gel, you can be well assured that your swollen legs and ankles will feel soothed and cooled instantly as the spritz soaks into your skin.

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How does the Lucky Legs Cooling Spray work to relieve my swollen legs and ankles?

Like all Mama Mio products, Lucky Legs Refreshing Spritz contains a blend of vegan, cruelty-free, and pregnancy safe ingredients, including: Aloe Vera for soothing, cooling, and moisturising, Ginger Extract for energising and invigorating, Chamomile Extract to provide soothing comfort, Menthol Crystals to help cool and refresh, and Vitamin E – an essential antioxidant to aid your skin’s protection.

Swollen legs, feet, and ankles can make your skin feel taut and tight which can enhance the discomfort even further. As well as being packed with cooling plant-based actives, the Lucky Legs Refreshing Spritz is also charged with moisturising ingredients to maintain soft, hydrated and healthy-looking skin. This cooling mist is also infused with a refreshing and invigorating fragrance blended with peppermint and menthol to further enhance the cooling sensation.

How do I use it?

Step 1: Shake well before spraying all over your feet, ankles, and legs when they feel heavy, tired, and uncomfortable.

Step 2: If you’re struggling to reach over your growing bump, you can hold the bottle upside down and the innovative 360° nozzle will still spray the cooling, plant-based formula onto your skin.

Step 3: After applying, rest your legs, sit back and relax and let the spritz soak into your skin. You should feel an instant cooling sensation that will soothe any overheating or discomfort you were experiencing.

Step 4: Carry on with your day but don’t forget to regularly rest up if you are experiencing some swelling! You deserve it, Mama.

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Annie Buckley

Annie Buckley

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